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The movement of individuals from a particular place or position to another whilst ensuring that their independence is maintained. 1.2 Explain how different health conditions may affect and be affected by mobility. If a person had a fracture of a bone and does not heal quickly or may become infected which can restrict movement of a persons hand or leg, which makes it difficult for moving around. Stiff, painful, swollen and inflamed joints are the result of arthritis and can restrict movement. 1.3 Outline the effects that reduced mobility may have on an individuals wellbeing. Physically, reduced mobility can result in blood clots, stiffness of joints, swelling of feet and ankles, pressure sores these can be very painful for the individual. Emotionally, an individual may feel depressed, low in themselves and negative. Socially, reduced mobility could mean the reduction of friends and places to go and the dependence on others. 1.4 Describe the benefits of maintaining and improving mobility. improved muscular strength and physical health fitness, greater independence as it becomes less necessary to rely on others for health and support needs, there will be more opportunities to do different things and to take part in more activities with different people which will also mean a boost to self-esteem.

2.1 Agree mobility activities with the individual and others. The service user has arthritis in his knees, the carer discusses with the service user the importance of going for his walk which will help him feel less stiff and feel good in himself and reassures him that they would just keep to the recommended length of time 2.2 Remove or minimise hazards in the environment before beginning a mobility activity. The service user wants to try and walk unaided. The carer explains how this is not possible as in line with his care plan it would be safer to walk with his walking frame as this would give him the support he needed particularly as he was a little unsteady on his feet. 2.3 Check the suitability of an individuals clothing and footwear for safety and mobility. The carer checks with the service user that he is wearing properly fitting enclosed shoes with support and his clothes are fitted properly and not loose or too long and that he is comfortable.

2.4 Check the safety and cleanliness of mobility equipment and appliances. The Carer checks the area from the service users chair to the other side of her room was free from any hazards, Carer confirms that it is clear and then checks that the service users wooden walking stick is clean and that it is not unsafe to use and confirms it is safe and that the rubber end is firmly attached onto the stick. 3.1 Promote the active participation of the individual during a mobility activity. The carer positions the service users walking frame safely in front of him but not too close so that he could stand up safely. Once the service user does so and has gained his balance the service user agrees to place both hands on it and the carer advises him to step forward with his right foot first as this was his weaker and more painful knee and then step forward with his other foot past his other leg the carer repeats this sequence and explains to the service user to take slightly smaller steps as for safety the frame should have all four feet down on the floor. 3.2 Assist an individual to use mobility appliances correctly and safely.

The carer gives advice to use and hold the walking stick in her right hand which is the side she uses due to the partial paralysis on her left side. The carer asks the service user to move the walking stick forward a little and slightly to her side and then asks her to step forward with her other foot just up to where the stick was positioned and no further forward. The carer says to service user to take her time and that she was doing very well. The carer then asks the service user to take a step forward with her other foot and this time place her foot past where the stick is and then move the walking stick slightly in front again and to the side. The carer then repeats this sequence with the service user, the carer gives the service user praise. 3.3 Give feedback and encouragement to the individual during mobility activities. The carer walks just behind the service user observing him closely whilst encouraging him to continue with his walking several times the carer asks you are doing well and keep it up. The carer also reminds the service user that he could stop and rest briefly at any time he wished to.

4.1 Observe an individual to monitor changes and responses during a mobility activity. The carer supports the service user to return comfortably to his chair and commends him on his efforts with his walking today and explains how she has noted some weakness on his right knee, the service user says that it isnt painful but a little stiff. 4.2 Record observations of mobility activity. The carer agrees with the service user to record her observations and his response on his care plan, after doing so the carer reads these through with the service user to confirm their accuracy, he confirms that all information is correct. 4.3 Report on progress and/or problems relating to the mobility activity including choice of activities equipment appliances the support provided. The carer sits down with the service user and talks through how she felt walking with her walking frame she says that she felt fine but maybe a little unsteady. The carer reassures the service user that she may feel unsteady at first but with time will feel less unsteady. The carer explains to the service user and that she walked quite carefully and although a little unsteady made good progress. The carer records these observations on the service users care plan and agrees with the service user to feed this back to her daughter who is visiting her later on.

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