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Project selection process for AgCredit

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1. Outline a project selection process for AgCredit to ensure alignment with the enterprise business vision. The project selection process starts by observing how a project is related with overall strategy of the company. The orientation with the innovativeness business vision can meet by creating the structural plan for the IT department that can upkeep the makeover of AgCredit into a process-centric business. Other than, Technology roadmap is very vital for practices, implementing a new software or technology, opportunities and for practices to make the business more valuable. Then Gap analysis is necessary to outline to know the present and future period of technology. As well as, it is advantageous for initiative planners, engineers, and technical professionals to realize the imminent business endeavors. Furthermore, business analysis is useful to meet the business needs, IT organization, and estimate the business schemes. It is also supportive to meet the business strategy and vision.

Along with, Application portfolio management implementation is very crucial to assess, rationalize and categorize the applications that can convey more significance to the business. Application portfolio management (APM) is the current management technique that relates with process of classification, evaluation, and validation of the IT application portfolio. APM promotes additional speculation in upgrades or changes in the portfolio synthesis and probable revenues with other quantifiable factors. Additionally, to execute the successful deliverables, metrics, reporting structure, goals, and procedures business case is very significant to design. For maintaining the quality and functionality the application should be outlined, assessed, and managed very well before executing. To sum up, the directing committee is necessary to be as a lead for approval of all plans, upkeep of the processes and costs.

2. How should Manley “make the case” for SOA to ensure that the executive team at Agcredit buys in? Manly should find the flaws and imperfections in the present system and working style of the employees. She should keep an eye and do meetings with the employees that how they can meet the goals that SOA can convert the IT resources of AgCredit and make it quicker. The new applications can be accessible, market condition can be changed and business demands can be fulfilled by the availability of the facilities and modules. She should mention that with comprised of ecological modules of SOA they can get flexible structural design.

SOA can implement some modifications such as lessens the period, decrease the preservation demand and minor changes in system. She can also check the testing results for software and compliance check and its dependability and quality to make sure it meets with the standards. The ROI and lifespan of legacy claims and data of the systems can be elongated by the SOA. The SOA’s are tested and checked, so it has fewer flaws. Manly should convince the executives that they are working more for new improvements and developing software. Fundamentally, the SOA has the aptitude to diminish the IT budgets and increase the resources. As an appreciated business partner Manley should present the key strengths of SOA and make sure to focus on how it will support the company’s vision and goals.

3. What new internal IT capabilities will have to be developed in order to create an IT department to support Agcredit’s future business architecture?

To explore the business strategies and structural plan the business analysis is very important. It outlines the current business positive and negative aspects. The system analysis also very vital to understand the problems and what are the enhancements are needed. The SWOT analysis also can identify the issues related with the budget, development, maintenance, and portfolio analysis. For the successful improvements in the business the following tools includes data management, Business intelligence tools, project management, enterprise architecture, quality assurance testing, application development, and schematic approach is very necessary. The design and development of the IT infrastructure plan, financial practice, improve the performance and reduce the budget; the IT governance is very helpful. SOA has high standards and guidelines which is very useful for the business management. The communication between IT and business departments can be improved by the proper coordination and frequent collaboration. In order of improving the perception of IT in the business, working towards the IT the strengths and weakness should be focused.

4. What aspects of IT governance do you think would be important in supporting this transformation? To support the transformation the chains of responsibility, authority, and communication; measurement, policy, standards, and control mechanisms IT risks including both security and project failures are most important aspects should be considered. IT should be part of the executive team where most strategy discussions begin and end. To establish an IT portfolio management which enabling better strategic decision-making, setting service-level agreements on SOA’s, which provides transparency and education firms with more effective IT governance and more senior management involvement. CIOs must be effectively involved in IT governance for success. Other senior level officers must participate in the committees, the approval processes, and performance reviews. (James D Mckeen, May 2010.)

Works Cited

James D Mckeen, H. A. (May 2010.). Creating a process driven organization at AgCredit. In H. A. James D Mckeen, IT strategy issues and practices. (p. 313). Ontario, Canada.: Library of Congress.

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