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Professional Development for Strategic Managers

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Market uncertainties leading to organisational failures requiring strong commitment and continuous professional development for the staff to manage effectively and efficiently.

In your role at work (say, as a manager) you are required to demonstrate your commitment to and achievement of continuing professional development. This is to be done by putting together a portfolio of material to demonstrate this which is supported by a personal development journal in which you reflect on your continuing professional development. The material collected can be used for a range of formats but must demonstrate achievement of all the criteria. It is assumed that you have or have had a suitable managerial role within an organisation.

Required: Prepare a portfolio of evidence supported by presentation AND a reflective personal development journal to demonstrate your own continuing advanced professional development.

It needs to incorporate material that provides evidence of:

Make individual Presentation and It needs to incorporate material that provides evidence of:

Task 1

1.1/1.2 An assessment & evaluation of your personal and professional skills required to support your personal and organisation‘s strategic goals. This analysis and reflection should also include:
a) your personal and professional short term As well as long term SMART objectives/ strategic goals, b) An evaluation of the personal skills required to achieve these personal and professional strategic goals. c) An Assessment of the professional skills required to achieve these personal and professional strategic goals. d) Presentation should also cover a draft of provisional personal development plan.

Part-1 Make individual Presentation for 6-minutes and also submit the word file to turnitin by target date.

Learning OutcomeEvidence for the Describe how the learner met each criteria and the qualitative aspects of their performance criteria-Description of activity undertaken -Presentation Contents ( theory, Format & References presentation ( Higher skills Aggregate application practice, (Logical str , easy delivery , confident(application of theory, Grade(F/P) Concreteness, relevant flow, Harvard ,eye contact , critical Analysis, ,explains terms etc) references ,etc ) audibility, visual synthesise & answers Qs.) aids etc)

For the evaluation of assessment of professional skills required to support the strategic direction of an organisation and an evaluation of personal skills required to achieve strategic goals, you should build on the work done for the first task. The assessment and evaluation must explicitly identify the relevance of personal and professional skills to strategic managerial settings. An analytical, self-critical approach must be adopted. Allocate around 2,500 words for this.

The personal development plan needs to use a clear format. Tabulations can be used if preferred to narratives. Entries must be detailed so using the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) style of target setting is recommended. Supporting evidence needs to support the personal development plan at all times so evidence of qualifications, achievements, training and experience must be included. Personal reflections should be in narrative form and be both critical and evaluative.

The last task should provide an analytical, self-critical and evaluative assessment of how personal development supports both personal and organisational strategic aims. Allow around 1,500 words for this.

All work must use suitable formats and be of a standard expected in organisational settings.


In BTEC level-7 EDSML there is on Pass or referred or failed grade. To pass Student must meet ILO linked learning criteria assessed at level 7. A student will receive a referral if he/she fails to meet all ILO criteria of the module as per level-7. In case of referral the student has only one more chance of re-sit (except due to extenuating circumstances).There is a resit fee (Check with Finance dept) A student will be graded as fail in a module, if he/she fails to meet all ILO criteria of the module as per level-7 in total of two chances ( one original & one resit) .

GENERAL GRADING/ASSESSMENT CRITERIA OF WRITTEN WORK FOR EDSML (LEVEL-7) Pass Ideally for a good grade at level -7 A student should evidence that ,there is substantial analysis; the ability to recognise evidence, use ideas, conceptualise, evaluate and judge in familiar situations will be clearly demonstrated. Proposals or solutions will be contextually relevant and useful, with substantial evidence of the skill necessary to operationalise them in a variety of situations, including those in which uncertainty, ambiguity or change are present. The work will provide evidence of originality and of useful knowledge transfer to novel situations. It will be coherent and convincing The Harvard Referencing System has been used and applied, . An extensive range of valid academic resources have been used. The student has used a comprehensive list of valid academic books, articles and academic journals.

Or at least the student must meet the threshold level that evidences that : The work contains all the necessary contextual information, sufficient descriptive information . There will be attempt and evidences of adequate analysis, explanation and conceptualisation, with appropriate illustration and example, and sound attempts to evaluate and judge. The work will be substantially coherent and will contain relevant and feasible proposals or solutions related to familiar situations, some responses to uncertainty. The Harvard Referencing System has been used and applied but some mistakes have been made. A wide range of valid academic sources have been used but the majority of sources are text books.

Referral No work has been submitted in the time allowed, or not all ILO are achieved or the work submitted demonstrates little or no understanding of the task or the subject matter or the work shows only some knowledge and required skills required at BTEC level-7.There may be appreciable error or omission of facts, poor structure, misdirection to the task, or poor conceptualisation or illustration of the work. This may be evident where the work is substantially incoherent, incomplete, irrelevant or lacking in factual content, or where these shortcomings are present in combination such that the work as a whole is unsound. Major errors of fact or evidence of substantially poor cognitive or other relevant skills will also lead to a fail. Evidence of analysis and evaluation is weak. There will be indications in the work that the candidate is capable of improving. The Harvard Referencing System has been missing or used and applied sporadically but major mistakes have been made. In addition the number of valid academic sources is limited and not all are relevant.

Overall assessments

1. All criteria identified of learning outcomes in the assignment are met. Presentation and report has proper structure, student shows good theoretical knowledge. And underpins his/ her answers with theoretical support. Student clearly apply theoretical models but Student clearly analysed & clearly evaluated it with portfolio of evidences. student discuses with help of theory and Deductive and inductive critical thinking is evidenced .Creative and innovative SMART objectives , actionable strategies underpinned by theory and appropriate Control tools exercised The task should provide an analytical, self-critical and evaluative assessment of Process. Actionable, suitable, acceptable and suitable strategy chosen along with implementation plan, control tools are effective. The Business environmental information gathered is checked for accuracy and properly referred. It should have no problems with Harvard referencing.

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