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Procurement in Supply Chain

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Procurement is much more than simply buying goods and services. Interest in the performance of the procurement function has been fast growing in recent years with ever increasing business competitiveness and the pressure to bring value to stakeholders. Companies are turning their attention to effective global supply chain and strategic procurement for survival and value creation. The amount of money flowing through procurement spend is phenomenal; ranging from 50% to 85% of company revenue. In the search for low cost, high quality goods and services, companies worldwide have turned to different continents for various aspects of sourcing, ranging from sourcing to procure-to-pay transactional processing. This MBA course works with literature publications, select case studies and student projects in building the fundamental knowledge of global supply chain management and strategic procurement for students. Course Objective

Students learn to appreciate how Procurement plays a critical functional role in a company and its influence and interdependencies with other corporate functions, such as R&D, manufacturing, support, finance, etc. Students learn the elements required in achieving a world-class procurement organization and a competitive global supply base. Students become well versed in the strategic sourcing process and the continued supplier performance management methodologies. Students are aware of the ethical, contractual, and legal issues faced by procurement professionals. Students are introduced the changing procurement environment and skill sets with the advancements in technology, such as eCommerce and reverse auction platforms along with CRM and SRM concepts. Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course participants would be able to following LO’s.
Procurement operation, structure, organization, and impact in business competitiveness.
Topics to be covered: Global supply chain management
Impact of procurement
Purchasing and supply chain
Building world-class procurement, covering:
The strategic procurement process – Translating corporate strategy into procurement goals Identifying and strategizing the competitive advantage
Strategic procurement v.s. commodity procurement
Outsourcing pro’s, con’s, and risk management
From sourcing to continued measurements, with topics on:
Supplier evaluation, selection, and audits
Quality and cost management
Purchasing laws, ethics, and contract management
Supplier performance management
Teaching and Learning Methodology
Extended lectures using overhead projector and the multimedia as and when needed. Class room exercises, assignments and quizzes. Materials and Supplies
Involvement of students in class room exercises, using simple or scientific calculator, shall be encouraged. Expected Class Conduct
Maturity is expected from the class regarding behavior, eating / using mobile phones, class disturbance, late arrivals etc. Participants are also advised to follow the deadlines fixed for assignments. Course Plan

Week Chapters Session Topic Assesments%
1 Personal Introductions/Objective Setting/Expectations & Introduction to SCM and Procurement N/A 2 Global supply chain management N/A 3 Impact of procurement N/A 4 Purchasing and supply chain N/A 5 The Transactional & strategic procurement process – Translating corporate strategy into procurement goals N/A 6 Identifying and strategizing the competitive advantage N/A 7 Strategic procurement v.s. commodity procurement N/A 8 Mid Term Exam. N/A 9 Outsourcing pro’s, con’s, and risk management N/A 10 Supplier evaluation, selection, and audits N/A 11 Quality and cost management N/A 12 Purchasing laws, ethics, and contract management N/A 13 Supplier performance management N/A 14 Revision + Report Submissions N/A 15 Presentations N/A Text Book Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Monczka, Trent, and Handfield3rd Edition, 2005, ISBN: 0-324-20254-7 Refrence Books

1 World Class Supply Chain Management, Burt/Dobler/Starling, null Edition, Prentice Hall,.Course Pre-Requisites None
Marks Distribution
Marks Head Total Frequency Total Exempted Marks /Frequency Total Marks /Head For D Grade Holder(s) Quiz 3 1 5 10 Exempted
Assignment 2 0 5 10 Exempted
Final Paper 1 0 40 40 Included
Mid Term Paper 1 0 30 30 Included
Presentation 1 0 10 10 Exempted
Total Marks 100 70 (For DGs)
Attendance PolicyPrompt arrival and regular attendance are extremely important. For Academic policy refer to student handbook for policies on late entry, maximum absences allowed, leave application etc. Students with Physical or Educational Challenges

Students with educational and/or physical challenges are entitled to extra attention and time from the instructor. Therefore students are advised to notify the course instructor at the beginning of the course. Special arrangement may also be made on prior request based on specific challenges. Academic Integrity This course seeks to empower students for independent learning, resourcefulness, clear thinking, and perception. All submitted work and activities should be genuine reflections of individual achievement from which the student should derive personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Plagiarism and cheating subvert these goals and will be treated according to the policy stated in the Student Handbook. The instructor reserves the right to utilize electronic means to help prevent plagiarism. Comments and/or Suggestions Students and Instructors may contact the Institutional Research Department if there is a need to make suggestions or comments that can help further improve the course. A link is also provided on your account for frequent and trouble-free feedback. The Institutional Research Department would like to hear your feedback about the following: Students Instructors

Course Content/ thoroughness
Lecture Delivery/Supplementary Material
Facilities/Labs/Software/Hardware Support
Course alignment with learning outcomes
Any other comments/feedback Availability of teaching material Facilities/Internet/Administrative Support
Labs: Software/Hardware/Technical support
Availability and quality of Teaching Instruments
Any other comments/feedback

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