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The Prince Of Darkness is a Gentleman

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For years, the Prince of Darkness hid away his royal ancestral castle. He was hiding from the world, who detested him because of his past sins at as a teenager. The scams he used to play on people to just have a laugh; lead to many deaths! He didn’t understand the solemnity of his evil actions. And the people of his father’s town wanted him to pay for his grave mistakes, so it was said he would be locked in the castle until the King, his father passed away.

The residents called him, ‘The Prince Of Darkness’ because there was a rumour that went around town saying, the prince is a very evil and dark man, however, many women found him attractive and hoped to attract his attention. In contrast, there was one girl named, Cassandra; she absolutely detested the Prince believing the rumours about him through malicious gossip. She was the only girl in the town of Edinburgh to think that the Prince lived nothing but an unholy and wicked life. Cassandra was a head strong girl, she was 22 years old, only 3 years younger the Prince.

She lived by herself, sadly all her family had passed away years ago. Cassandra had her own sweet shop; her business was one of the finest and most profitable business in Scotland. Everyone had their own story about the Prince. However, on a more positive note the Prince of Darkness, Charles Edwards was one of the most calmest, a devout Protestant and kind gentleman in the town. In his room, he had a place where he prayed to God everyday; he studied the first testament of the bible very well and practised these words in his daily life.

None of those rumours were true about the evil twenty year old man he was said to be. Charles was a cleaned shaved young man who washed his sins away after those torturous years of not saying a word and being angry. He used his time of being locked away as time to wash his brutal sins away. He was one of the nicest people in the world. In the year 1925, Harold Hadrada, a King from Normandy invaded the whole of Scotland, they were destroying everything because of a feud with the King many years ago. Harold was one of the most wicked men in the world.

He just wanted to spend his money on something so he decided to use it on a pointless Norman invasion. Charles was furious that Harold Hadrada was just destroying his country; Charles was adamant to release the Scottish army and send the Normans back to their own country. He thought it had to be done so with the permission from the King, his father; he led the army to fight against them in the Highlands; it was one of the most beautiful places in the world. The icy glaciers, the greenest grass, magical mountains and there was going to be a battle in the most peaceful place in Scotland.

The King feared Charles might not win and come home in shame. So, it was the day of the war, the war to win land, the most important land in Scottish history. It was a tough, long hard battle. However, Charles believed that he had got the power to defeat the Normans from God. Charles was a holy puritan, upholding righteous, defeat and justice. Finally, the Prince lead the army to victory after executing the Norman leader, Harold Hadrada. The Scots had won! The army was shocked as to how the young prince had changed in a few years.

He was a good leader, a dedicated royal who committed to his duties. The army paraded through the towns of Edinburgh after they sealed their victory. The crowds were surprised realising that the Prince Of Darkness was a true gentleman. Whilst passing the sweet shop; the Prince saw Cassandra. He was amazed by breathtaking beauty and instantly fell for her. She looked beautiful with golden locks, a subtle smile, glowing blue eyes and stunning in her white silk dress with a black ribbon on the side. Charles was mesmerised at the sight of her, he had fallen in love.

Cassandra was never sure she would ever find love, marriage or anything related. She was just awestruck that the Prince had changed so much and caught him starring at her with a charming smile. All night, Charles couldn’t stop thinking about Cassandra. So, he sent one of his knights with a letter for Cassandra asking her to come to dinner the next evening. The knight went to Cassandra’s home and gave her the letter; Cassandra was blown away by this request, she was not sure because of the Prince at all but she really didn’t have any words so she just decided to be kind and attend this, “dinner party”.

The next evening, Cassandra got ready before leaving, she wore a red dress just below her knees, it had two striped sleeves and it was rather tight. She wore a silk cardigan on top. As she went into the castle, she didn’t see anyone else there, she thought he was a bit early; after she entered the long room, she saw the Prince waiting for her. He walked towards her and greeted her humbly. He led her across the long room into the beautifully groomed gardens. They spoke about the history of the castle while feeling so comfortable and free-spirited in each others company.

They sat on a perfectly decorated table in the middle of the maze to have their dinner. The prince held Cassandra’s hand and gently kissed it. Cassandra felt intense chemistry and blushed not knowing how to react. They spoke and laughed while having their delicious meal. It was a perfect date. The prince loved Cassandra very much, he loved the way she spoke unlike all the girls he met. She was special to Charles! While having their dessert, Charles confessed his love for Cassandra. She was overwhelmed and she told him he was perfect and she instantly fell for him too even though she never believed in this.

Charles was showing Cassandra, the way out, as she was about to step out the door; he pulled her closer and kissed her passionately. She felt so close and knew from that moment she found her companion. She wanted him too and embraced every moment passionately with intimacy. It was true love… Charles and Cassandra’s love was strong. Their romance was beautiful, he treated her like a Queen. And they got married within a week; they had a magnificent wedding. It was so colourful, and jovial. The whole town was invited. So, the prince of Darkness was a gentleman after all. And together, they lived happily ever after!

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