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Meaning of Women Empowerment – Women Empowerment means to empower women in all aspects of their identity. It is about empowering women to let them take their own decisions. They must be free to be the way they want to be. Empowered women will have better position and better status in the society. Women empowerment in India

Here in this Essay on Women Empowerment it is tried to find out the possible reasons for women’s present situation in India(whichever way you view it through your vision) and what possible solutions could be derived out while keeping in mind major crimes against women in today’s society. The first part talks about who really is the culprit; the perpetrator or the society? “Rapists should be hanged!!”, “Rapists should be stoned to death!”, when I hear such statements I am aroused to have similar kind of hatred for these rapists of our sisters, daughters, mothers, friends… But should they really be given a death sentence? I know, on even asking such a question would make me look like a sympathizer of such devils, as we call them.

But again, I would try to form this very, ‘politically incorrect’ question in a bit different manner; I would ask, should they be the only ones to be blamed for such heinous crimes to happen against women? Only the rapists? The molesters? Just take a look around yourself and try to figure out those rapists that born in little kids; when they are beaten, mistreated, called names, left to live in poverty…. That ‘devil’ takes birth in a student when he is beaten brutally with a stick in a classroom in front of his friends, it takes birth in an innocent son when he sees his mother being mistreated by his father…it takes birth in a teenage boy when he is called names and is looked down for being lean and short heighted, and it finally takes birth in a young boy who is left on his own, without any care, or love from his family, society, friends, and starts getting involved in wrong habits…

I must clarify again that I am not related to any molester, by any near or far relation; I am just a college going girl who wondered about why this kind of situation prevails in a country where girls and women are worshiped in Navratras, and raped if she doesn’t beg the man (who doesn’t even possess one single quality to be a MAN) to ‘spare her’ with ‘folded hands’. This is about going to the root level of why this kind of behavior exists in our society towards women. I believe in the saying that whatever happens, happens for a reason. In this scenario of women facing various such problems, we need to find out the reason for it. Why all this is happening. And with a LOCK, comes its KEY. So maybe when we get close enough to figuring out the reasons, we may also get the solution to it, because it is easy to blame a certain person, but how ready are you to take charge and try to change the conditions, defines who you are at the core.

I take this opportunity to put forward the fact that EACH one of us is responsible for such wrongdoings. It’s time that we start accepting our responsibility in framing the circumstances that allow the space for all that we call crime, and the crime that is haunting India badly, known as the heavy four letter word Rape. It’s just like you take away R (responsibility) and leave the men to ape one another on bringing forth various ways of disrespecting women. The major problem that is there, is this: there are very few men who actually stand up for the protection of women. It’s easy(refer: fun) to go out on streets for protests, but then you see the same men standing like meek cats or laughing off in the face of real time situation. There was once a lady guest who had come to our college to discuss the matter of Women Empowerment in India and the urgent need to ensure their utmost safety.

We were all amazed to see that no queries or opinions were coming from the male audience present there. Finally a male student stood up for a question but, alas, that was regarding some other topic. Do not take me wrong. It is not that I hold any grudges against men, but to eradicate this deep rooted problem, it is necessary for men and women to stand along and take their calls. And when I say that men need to have equal stake, it doesn’t just mean to act in a situation when they see a woman being molested but to stop any kind of such activity which may spoil a man’s mind to treat a woman as inferior.

Finding out a solution – How to empower women
It is imperative to find out what could be a possible and feasible way to cope with and improve women’s place in the society. Firstly, women themselves need to encourage one another to go out and explore their desire, destiny and to let them be independent. And this is not possible without the support from their male counterparts. They must understand that only if their wives and daughters will progress, then only they too will achieve wholesome development of their being. And when such a situation comes, the country would develop on its own. And what I believe is that EDUCATION is the most important tool to make that happen. A holistic education. That teaches us moral values as well. Women Education is the need of the hour. We need to recognize that only with women education in India can our country truly develop.

The importance of women empowerment is to be spread across all areas. An awareness campaign must be carried out in regard to issues like violence against women whether be it domestic violence against women or discrimination against women. Women from rural India have as much capabilities as much women from urban areas does. It is just that they do not have much entrepreneurial knowledge. There must be opportunities provided to the rural women and taught about Entrepreneurship.

And if we enter the day to day life, each and every person should intervene if they see and witness something that strikes them wrong to their conscience. And yes, it does become our business to interrupt because being a fellow human being it is my duty to take my call and stand for what I believe is right. That just doesn’t apply in cases that involve women, but even when men are subjected to misdeeds by other men or by the society, because that would ultimately make him what we call today as a RAPIST.

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