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Statements of Purpose-PHD Medicine and Health

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I completed my four year Master of Science degree in Laboratory Medicine with (GPA 2. 8 out of 4) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia in 2009and wrote a thesis was titled; The Effect of Hydrogen Sulfides H2S on Platelets, under the tutelage of Dr. Mathew Linden. In 2005, I graduated with a First Honor degree in my Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory, with a grade of 90. 50 percent at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, under the tutelage of Dr. Esam Azhar. The mini thesis for the B. A. degree was titled; Evaluation of Dengue fever, ELISA kits.

In 2006, I was honored as the Best Speaker at the Second Laboratory Medical Sciences Students Meeting, and in 2007 was awarded a scholarship for postgraduate studies from King Aziz University, in Jeddah. In 2009, I managed to publish a paper titled; Favaloro JL, H Al Sadoun, M Linden. Hydrogen sulphide inhibits dense platelet granules secretion but not platelet activation. (Proceeding of the HBPRCA, Sydney, Dec 2009), 2-FLT-3 mutation detection in AML JAK2 mutation detection in CML. March 2010-present- Lecturing Hematology at King Abdul Aziz University.

I attended a seminar on 2-3 May, 2006, Second Applied Medical Sciences Student Meeting, at King Abdul Aziz University main auditorium. On 12-13 April 2005, I attended a seminar on First Medical Technology Students Meeting at King Fahad Medical Research Center. Between 2005 and 2007, had internship at the Medical Laboratory Technology, at King Abdul Aziz University and undertook Blood bank laboratory, Microbiology, Cytogenetic and Chromosomal Analysis, Hematology, and Molecular and virology –biosafety level 3 at then infectious Agent Unit at the same university.

I also lectured on hematology in 2007, at the Medical Laboratory Technology, at King Abdul Aziz University. I am currently training at the Center Of Excellence in Genome Medicine Research at King Fahad Center of Medical Research, based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Detailed information about my academic record and my research and other relevant experience is attached to this statement. I was introduced to biology and physical sciences while in high school and after a while, I considered to pursue a career in this area.

The yearning to learn molecular science, hematology and clinical microbiology prompted me to study relentlessly and subsequently got admitted at the King Fahad Aziz University. My success in greeting a first honor degree in Laboratory Technology prompted me to pursue further studies in the same field and after I published a paper and abstract and then graduated in my Masters degree in Laboratory Medicine with a GPA of 2. out 4, convinced me to pursue a PhD in molecular hematology and thrombotic disorder.

My interest in hematology is based on the fact that blood is so important to health care that the careers that deal with research of blood; its collection, care and administration; and its diseases and uses, cover a spectrum of society. Many researchers, especially those focusing in hematology, oncology or pathology, will go out their way to learn more about the subject matter.

Many others such as, laboratory specialists, basic research scientists, engineers, research and laboratory technicians, phlebotomists and chemists all who take their careers with passionate fascination. In researching for my PhD, I am especially interested in the elucidation of various cell types in blood, including, neutrophils, macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, erythrocytes, platelets and their specific role in normal blood function and host defense which ahs transformed medicine and the ability to treat human diseases.

Several investigators within the hematology program focus on their studies on the mechanisms through which the hosts is normally able to fight off infections and clear cancerous cells, and how when the immune system becomes dysregulated, serious autoimmune pathology can occur including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and diabetes. Other investigators study the normal production and functions of blood cells, and how dysregulation can lead to various blood diseases including cancer.

Grounded on this erudition, there are approved biological remedies that target specific cells and their products to enhance auto-immune diseases including cancer. The exciting research opportunities available world-wide have made me feel even more interested in furthering my education. I seek to get enrolled at your well-regarded university to get a PhD in molecular hematology in leukemia as well as thrombotic disorders and antiplatelets therapies. Thrombotic disorders and leukemia are the main causes of death worldwide-platelet related disease and cancer and I have quantity research skills exclusively in these meticulous areas.

My previous work experience in this field spearheaded me to study molecular hematology and I love researching on this medical discipline which parenthetically concerns itself to blood and the regeneration of blood in the bone marrow. I am immensely interested in the studies of the red and white cell which concerns their relative proportions and general cell health, the diseases that are caused by imbalances between them, notably leukemia and anemia. Both cells are essential in the body and while the red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to various parts of the body, the white cells fight the infection.

The red and white cells must be in the body in the right percentages or body systems break down a fact which arouses lots of inquisitiveness in me. I would like to study and know the dichotomy why all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA ) inducing signals that inhibits growth in human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1) –positive T-cell lines and fresh cells from patients with adult T-cell leukemia and why these mechanisms of this inhibition are not clear. Through my future research, efforts, I would like to understand this and other dichotomies better.

Initially, I want to study the rigorous model-based methods and also do research on operational and tactical topics in molecular hematology and thrombosis disorder. After gaining thorough ground in these topics, I am intent in applying the same methodologies and techniques in the medical molecular hematology and the thrombosis disorders operations health research. I believe that I have the qualities to be a good researcher and laboratory microbiologist, technologist and hematologist.

I am a creative person and often think in contemplative way about various issues of practical health importance. The talent for identify patterns and relationships that are not obvious to others is perhaps my greatest strength and will sustain me in my studies because the essential role of being a researcher, microbiologist, laboratory technologist and hematologist is to comprehend the balance between theory and practice, analytical intransigence and intuition.

My communication skills are good and I can express ideas and concepts, both in oral and written form, which is an ideal platform for the dissemination of knowledge in my chosen field of specialization. The diversity of research interests in the microbiology, cytogenetic and chromosomal analysis and contemporary hematology management subject is of particular interest to me. Your distinguished awards are highly prized and carry considerable weight across the professions and this will unquestionably bring out the best in me.

I would like to reiterate that I possess the background, the ability and the motivation to make a significant contribution to the subject. I have the anticipating hope that you will take a favorable decision regarding my admission to the PH. D program. I am looking forward to joining –Sidney University/Staffordshire University. –The University of Sidney established in 1850, is well known for its rich diversity in PhD courses and a high reputation for teaching and research excellence. –Staffordshire University based at the heart of England.

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