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Achievement Essays

Foundation of The United States Future

The United States is built on the principle of individual liberty, stating that each of it’s citizens has the right to be free from unfair governement encroachment. It is time for the United States, as well as other developed nations, to expand this belief to places where people do not …

About The Future of America 

America has always been a nation in flux, but perhaps has never witnessed the volume of notable shifts it is positioned to experience between now and the coming 50 to 100 or 500 years. About one decade ago, the concept of digital currencies, fully electric and driverless cars, and deep …

Artificial Intelligence: Why the U.S. Must Invest in the Technology of the Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. This technology continues to grow at an unprecedented rate and is more prevalent in our daily lives than ever. Amazon’s Alexa, driver assist, driverless cars, and computer algorithms are a few examples of how this innovative technology is quickly infiltrating society. There are concerns …

Promoting Future Technologies

I recently took a trip 10 years into the future and saw the amazing things that we have invented. For example, there were these glasses called google glass and robots that do everything humans do. I believe that if we start working on it now, we could make people’s lives …

Deception of Grades and Success

I have always considered myself as a student who expected challenges as this has always been my source of encouragement and hard work since I use challenges as the stepping stone to steer me further in my studies. My expectation of assignments has always been excess and some students in …

My Way to Become more Responsible and Mature

We all know that we are blessed with a wonderful gift, which is life. It feels so wonderful to look back on your life. There are thousands of events in everyone’s life small and big, sad and happy. They make use a person that we are today. It is great …

Critically evaluate the achievements of the Multi-Agency Public Protection

The issue of how the public should be protected from the most dangerous offenders has been highly debated since the early 1970s. Public protection has been high on the Government’s agenda for many years and is now a formally stated aim of the National Probation Service. This essay will discuss …

Boys underachievement in Education

My hypothesis is ‘Boys underachieve in education due to laddish behaviour’. This subject is important for me as I see ‘laddish’ behaviour in most of my days at sixth form. Its also important as no one knows why boys underachieve so doing this study will help me understand why they …

How accurate is it to say that the economic achievements of the GDR were limited

There has been much discussion over the economic achievements of the GDR. The GDR were extremely successful with how they managed the economy, however, they could only be successful to a certain extent. It was evident that the GDR would never be able to compete economically compared to the likes …

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