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Promoting Future Technologies

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I recently took a trip 10 years into the future and saw the amazing things that we have invented. For example, there were these glasses called google glass and robots that do everything humans do. I believe that if we start working on it now, we could make people’s lives easier now than in the future. We could start promoting and introducing these new pieces of technology to the society sooner than later. This could also work to our benefit.

With new technology being invented and promoted everyday, it is time for us to start. Starting with Google glass. Google glass are special types of glasses that works as a phone. Through these glasses everyone would be able to see the weather, text messages, social media feeds, it even has a GPS. While I was visiting the future I tried them and they are very convenient. For example, on my trip I had to catch a train at ten o’clock and it was 9:50 and I thought that I wasn’t gonna make it to the train station. My phone was far down in my bag, and it would have took my a while to find it. I remembered that I had the Google glass glasses on and I accessed the GPS and it showed me the fastest route to train station. Not only did I make the train but Google glass glasses saved me the hassle of trying to find my phone in my bag while I was in a hurry. This will have a very good effect on our american culture and many others. If we were to promote it, I believe we should start with the business field of people. All in all Google glass glasses will make everyone’s life easier.

Another technology that I saw while I was on my trip was artificial intelligences. Ten years into the future the artificial intelligence way better and way more convenient than the artificial intelligences we have now. For example, while I was on my trip 10 years into the future, I needed to go to the store. After I had got everything that I needed from the store I went to check out. While I was at check out I noticed a robot that looked liked a human. It had greeted me as soon as I walked up to the cash register and just gave me the most warming welcome. The robot even scanned my food and gave me the correct total cost of all of my items that I had got. Not only did it do a good job as cashier but also moved at a steady, but fast pace, so I got through the checkout faster. If we start using the artificial intelligences that has already been invented, and take that as a set plan and improve it. We could start to make new pieces of artificial intelligences. We could have robots as cashiers, or robots as cooks, we could even have robots as taxi drivers. I could also promote it by telling about my trip into the future.

To conclude, I used to think that in the future people would solely rely all on the technology that was improved and invented. I used to think that the world would be very high tech. I also thought of all this as a bad thing. As I researched I noticed that there will be many cons to the high tech future we will have, but I learned that there are many pros to having a high tech future. Now I don’t look at the future of new technology as a bad thing. I think of the future technologies we will have as a way of making life more convenient, instead of a burden. I learned from this assignment that the new technologies that are being made and improved are to help our way of life, and make it easier to do certain things in life. I also learned a little about the struggles of trying to promote these new pieces of technology. This assignment has changed my way of thought on technology and helped me to see it from a different point of veiw.

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