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Research Paper Proposal Template

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Basic difference between proposal and composition essay

Every student knows how useful are essay templates while writing such assignments needed for colleges and universities. In this case, you can write your essay faster by using these templates. Apart from that, by means of essay templates, you have a chance to write a well-structured piece beyond a doubt.

Hence, if you want to save your time and write your essays faster and better, you should create different essay templates. Why different? The reason for this issue is the fact that some types of writing assignments may have a different structure. Indeed, this thing should be taken into account. An excellent example of this statement is the fact that composition essay and proposal essay have familiar but different structure at the same time.

While writing a good research paper, you should take into consideration the formats that might be a challenge for you. First of all, a composition is a type of essay writing that usually requires MLA format. In turn, if you have to write the essay on medicine, biology, or engineering medicine, you will have to use the APA format introduced by the American Psychological Association.

In general, any writing assignment like, for instance, research project, term paper, or different research proposals should have a separate template for writing. Regarding composition essay, its structure may be changed according to the instruction of your lecturer. In turn, research proposal example usually has clear and unchangeable structure. In simple words, your topic proposal template is a concise summary of all your findings related to the topic of the document. These findings should be interpreted intelligently. Your creation should contain the compelling title, abstract, and context.

Moreover, it should have research questions, methods of gathering the needed information, literature review, and significance of the investigation. In addition, the list of primary sources and secondary sources will comprise the bibliography page of your proposed research. The notion of secondary sources implies the use of journal articles and different research publications. Since it is the academic writing, you have to follow the documentation style.

In the introductory part of the proposal, do not forget to provide a sufficient amount of background information related to the topic discussed in the document. It does not matter whether the subject of the investigation is related to the social sciences or the computer science, the structure of the research proposal should be preserved. The length of the research proposal writing ranges from four to ten pages.

In the function of sources needed for writing such assignment, you may use a number of scientific reports. When you want to back up your findings with good evidence, remember to cite all the information. It can be taken from primary and secondary sources. Some types of research may require the use of charts and graphs. As well as the use of Microsoft word excel.

Paper Formats and Essay Structure

In general, while preparing the essay templates, do not forget that there are four main formats. They include MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. Although these paper formats have a number of common features, they still have slight differences that should be mentioned. Are you interested? Be confident that you are aware of all the important elements that should be included in the writing. Since the APA format is usually used for writing proposals, you will find all the information about this format below.

Regarding general rules of writing such assignment, you should use 1-inch margin on different sides of the essay. Apart from that, in the most cases, you should write your paper using a 12-point Times New Roman font. Although it is recommended to use Times New Roman, you can choose the other fonts that are similar to the one mentioned above. In addition, double spacing is the only rule that remains unchangeable.

However, sometimes, the instructions provided by your lecturer may require a single-spaced research proposal. On the top of the page, do not forget to point out the page number, and on the top left, remember to write the topic of the research paper.

It does not matter what type of paper you have to write. The structure of your essay should include an introduction, the main body, conclusion, and the list of references. The introductory section presents the topic of your research paper and provides clear background information related to the problem.

In this part, discuss the basics of the issue. The important element of the introductory part is a thesis that should be included in the paper. In simple words, a thesis is a statement that you want to prove in the main body of your writing. In this case, you provide the readers with the primary goal of your research. The main body is another important part of your research paper covering all areas of the issue. Each paragraph of the main body should present a separate idea, and you are to give a more detailed description of the points.

What is more, you should begin every body paragraph with a topic sentence. Needless to say, that good and credible evidence should support all the ideas provided in the paper. In this case, use different sources to make the readers understand your attitude. It would be a good idea to use a number of scientific reports, articles, and papers.

In conclusion, you are to provide the results of your study. Do not forget that you have to link the introductory part of your paper with a successful conclusion. In this part, discuss the main issues mentioned in the main body of the research paper. What is more important, your conclusion should include the paraphrased thesis statement.

Tips for Creating Essay Templates

  1. When you begin creating a template, make some notes describing the content of each section of the paper.
  2. Divide your paper into different sections – introduction, main body paragraphs, conclusion, and the list of references.
  3. Use headings to specify each of the paragraphs.
  4. Below these headings, use some bullet points to understand what should be included in the paragraphs.
  5. If you are always distracted from completing this assignment, think about some things that might motivate you.
  6. It would be a good idea to think about creating particular rituals that will encourage you to finish the assignments faster. For instance, you can imagine that writing the essay is a game.
  • Research Proposal Template

As it was already mentioned, the research proposal paper has a particular structure that can rarely be changed. Let us provide you the sample of the research proposal template.

Title/Topic of the Research

The only thing that you should remember is the fact that you have to create an attractive title that will describe the issue discussed in the paper. It should be concise but meaningful.

  • Description of Your Research

Background Information – Mention the issue that you want to study and provide some details that you know about this topic. In addition, you can state the significance of the issue provided;

Aims – This issue is a crucial element of any research proposal papers. By means of thesis statement, you can demonstrate the primary goal of your research.

  • Methods of Data Collection

In this part of the paper, you should mention whether you need additional resources to address the problem. In the case, if you need them, discuss the importance of these primary and secondary sources.

  • Expected Results and Significance

Research Paper Proposal Template

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