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Are you a student, who has just ordered a paper and would like to check its uniqueness? Have you rewritten an already existing paper and want to make sure that it is unique? You may also be a professor, who wants to check whether the papers of your students do not contain any “copy-pasted” material. For this kind of purposes, we can offer you our free plagiarism checker. It will help you with your studies and save you time.

Click here to get the high-quality check of your essay’s uniqueness via the best plagiarism checker tool.

Our scanner is the best among others. We use special software that scans your paper and compares it to thousands of texts. This system is very effective and it operates both quickly and deeply. In less than 10 seconds, you’ll get a detailed plagiarism description.

The procedure that our uniqueness checker follows is very simple. Your only task is to upload the essay for originality checking and the program will provide you with the details about the level of originality of your material. If there is any “copy-paste”, then all the “stolen” information will be highlighted. Moreover, you get the links to the websites with primary texts as well. It can help you concentrate on the parts of the essay that should be changed.

You can add the sources that should be omitted during uniqueness scanning procedure. All the links you add to a special list will not be taken into account while checking your paper for plagiarism containing.

In addition, you may upload your essay to check it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes by using our special service.

Other uniqueness scanning systems do not cover all plagiarism containing cases. We offer you an innovative anti-plag service, that can find all the copy-pasted information among the next cases:

  • low-quality rewrite, done by changing of each fourth-fifth word;
  • texts that differ from the originals due to the reshuffle of the words, phrases or sentences;
  • the level of originality won’t get higher even after some words are changed grammatically (verbs tenses etc.);
  • by adding new words to already existed texts you won’t increase the uniqueness of your paper as well
  • wrongly inserted citations will be also shown as plagiarized;
  • too much of paraphrase will be marked as well.

If our checker gives you the result you are not satisfied with, you shouldn’t worry. Use this information to improve your future grade. Follow our pieces of advice:

  • start with the changes in highly plagiarized areas – they’ll increase the originality of your text significantly;
  • try not to change the word order, but the structure of the whole sentence: synonyms + paraphrase will do a great job, but only when used together!
  • if you do not have any ideas for your paper and would like to use paraphrase from other websites – try to take the ideas from as many websites, as possible.

With our plagiarism checking service, you can be well equipped with an effective tool, that will help you to make your essays 100% unique!

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