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Mountain Dew Case Analysis

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1. Recommendation

I recommend that PepsiCo select the Cheetah, Mock Opera and Dew or Die commercials. I further recommend the Dew or Die and Mock Opera commercials be selected for the Super Bowl. These three commercials best capture our strategy, target market, and position Mountain Dew to increase its market share in the foreseeable future. Because… what specifics using the decision criteria/descriptors, etc. that you and BBDO know and use? What would this tell me/the others? How would it convince them (or convince them that you know what you’re doing?)

I would not recommend: Showstoppers – Dew Dudes are independent minded people and they will not connect well with synchronized sports. Individual activities that represent freedom and independence are why they are attracted to extreme sports. Labor of Love – would be preferred if we were targeting parents, but this ad will not resonate with 18 year old males. In fact the imagery of parenthood may frighten the target audience. Good.

Mountain Dew advertising will convince 18 year-old males that Mountain Dew is the single most daring yet great tasting carbonated soft drink (CSD) selected by individuals who value excitement and fun. Mountain Dew ads will always portray action-oriented scenes demonstrating the thrill and excitement of “Doing the Dew”. Mountain Dew personified would be Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars episode or a young Indiana Jones. The tone of the advertising must always be exciting and culminate in the quenching drink of the Dew.

2. Basis for Recommendation

This campaign’s target is the 18 year old male. In addition, it should promote loyalty with 20 -39 males and attract new customers as well. The three selected ads combine the right amounts of high intensity and humor to appeal to our target audience, while not alienating other demographics. Finally, all three creatives involve the characters in the exciting pursuit of capturing the “Dew” more so than the Labor of Love and Showstoppers ads. Need specifics.

In considering the general direction of the campaign, I considered

* Market research reports product imagery that Mountain Dew is “fun to drink” and an “intense experience”. Creatives must reinforce and promote that imagery for the target audience.

* Cheetah, Mock Opera and Dew or Die commercials are focused on the benefits and feelings that will resonate with our target market of 18 year-old males.

* Specific commercials outside of target market have failed in the past. The Michael Johnson ad did not meet company expectations.

* Commercials will continue to air after the Super Bowl on the standard channels that we advertise with (ESPN, MTV, etc) which are commonly viewed by our target market.

My specific selection of these three ads is based on:

* Cheetah creative utilizes extreme biking with an exhilarating chase. The hot, dusty backdrop is an excellent setting in which to quench your thirst with a Mountain Dew.

* Mock Opera will appeal to the 18 year-old males as well as other demographics because of its use of the classic rock song featured in Wayne’s World, a movie which has universal appeal to young people. If one of the sports athletes in the commercial is a female then it will make it more inviting to the female demographic. It is important not to overdue the use of female athletes otherwise this will alienate Mountain Dews core youth male market.

* Dew or Die is the key ad for the 18 year-old male market. The storyline of the Dew Dudes “getting the girls” resonates well with that age group. This ad should be aired most on ESPN because of its focus on young males. So we ARE targeting other segments? Is this why we are willing to diverge from the focus on the 18-year olds.

The bases for not selecting the ShowStopper or Labor of Love ads are:

* Showstopper and Labor of Love portray a theme not in line with the Mountain Dew strategy and do not cater to the target market

* Showstoppers depicts a show tune attempting to incorporate extreme sports. It does not resonate with our target market of 18-year old males.

* Labor of Love is a different perspective than the others but is based on the delivery of a baby. An 18 year old is not concerned with parenthood nor can relate to this ad’s story. Focus needed to be more on the Dew product.

3. Background

The CSD market has been dominated historically by Coke and Pepsi. Recent trends; however, including an increased demand for “flavor” CSDs, noncarbonated drinks, and high-caffeine “energy” drinks have diminished their dominance and opened the door for Mountain Dew and other to gain market share. In fact in the past decade CSD industry sales have increased at an average annual rate of 3%, while sales of Mountain Dew have increased at quadruple that rate, averaging 14% increase per year from 1990-1999. Much of this success may be attributed to the powerful brand image created through the amazingly successful “Do the Dew” marketing campaign.

While Mountain Dew has traditional taken a back seat to the Pepsi brand, Dew’s creative and exciting commercials have struck a chord with consumers. The selected ads will resonate with our target audience, 18 year old males. The daring and adventurous chase scene in the Cheetah spot, the Rock Star appeal of Mountain Dew in the Mock Opera, and the James Bond theme of Dew or Die share an appropriate balance of humor and action. They each engage the audience with a somewhat believable albeit romantic storyline. Mountain Dew advertising will convince 18 year-old males that Mountain Dew is the single most daring yet great tasting and fun beverage selected by daring individuals who value excitement and fun. Mountain Dew ads will always portray action-oriented scenes demonstrating the thrill and excitement of “Doing the Dew”.

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