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Jeff Bezos

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This article is about Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. com. He is a very good example of a great business leader. He took a huge risk by investing into an ecommerce company in 1994 that was eventually launched in 1995. It started as an online bookstore that started diversifying its product line and target customers by expanding into other countries. At the very beginning of this business the returns were not very good and the company was looking very weak but Jeff Benzos was ready to be unprofitable at the beginning because he had faith in his company.

This is one of the things that make him a great leader. His best decision was to only follow doing something what he truly enjoyed doing and made it a career, not forcing himself to try enjoying something. Jeff Benoz, as a business leader he knows how to set his priorities right and is sure of himself when it comes to decision making. He has a set of guide lines that he follows for strategy making. The absolute main focus is the extreme concern for customers. This has worked perfectly for them.

When there is a new risk, Jeff Benoz only takes being fully aware and capable of accepting a possible failure. He relies on his own intuition over other people’s advice and criticism. He has made sure that all the managers in his company, as well as himself, take a short session in call centre training and works with customer care every year. This way, they all know their customers and will know to work accordingly in a way that satisfies the customers. This is important, since it gives them valuable information about the customer’s point of view.

Jeff Benoz also does not believe in loud marketing and has faith in the satisfied customers to spread the word and keep the “below the line” advertising. Customers always come first and as long as they follow that motto, they do not have to worry too much. He is now investing into a space tourism venture called “Blue Origin” which showing his ability to take a huge risk. Many criticize him but he doesn’t care. He thinks it’s worth taking the chance and goes for it. He also has an ego, well notable to everyone, but it’s not too much. It’s just enough to be capable to handle a tight situation or difficult people.

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