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Finding Forrester Argumentative

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Finding Forrester. I’d never heard of this movie before that was why I had no idea of what it was all about. The word “Forrester” made me think of a native person living in the forest, so I thought the movie was all about finding that person. I became excited because I expected it to be some kind of action or speculative fiction movie, but I was wrong.

When I played the movie, the first scene I saw was the rap part. I thought I was watching the wrong one, I even texted one of my blockmates to clarify but according to her, it was really the movie. I was surprised because it was not what I expected. A rap part really didn’t cross my mind, and it bothered me a little for I was trying to find some meanings why it was put as the introduction or how it was connected to the story. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any and that marked the start of my boredom. The next scene, which was the scene of Jamal and his friends also made me bored. Actually, I skipped those parts because I thought that their conversations were not that necessary. The last and perhaps the main reason why I became bored was the way the characters spoke. I had a hard time understanding what they were saying, that was why I needed to stay close to the speakers and play some scenes back. Those reasons left me with the impression that the whole movie was boring.

It was not until when Jamal met Forrester that my boredom started to fade. From then on I began to love the movie. Two reasons: First because I was inspired by Forrester’s wide thoughts. For me, he seemed to be like a philosopher in the field of writing. I liked the part when he said that one should not write for others but for himself. I realized that it was true; writing is all about expressing oneself regardless of what others might say or think. I also learned from him that the first draft should be written by heart and that the thinking should only be done afterwards. When I was in high school, I used to think first or be conscious of the outcome of my work. Thanks to him I realized my mistake.

Another reason was because of Jamal and Forrester’s friendship. I was touched at how their friendship had gone deep that Jamal chose to keep his promise instead of defending himself, and that Forrester stood for him and trusted him to continue the novel. I was also touched by the fact that friendship is regardless of age gap. Only then did I realize that it really is like that. I think it was my first time to see a kind of friendship like Jamal and Forrester’s. The part when Jamal knew that Forrester had cancer and that Forrester already died was heartbreaking. I almost wanted to cry whenever I thought of Forrester, who locked himself in his apartment for how many years, found a true friend even just before he died. I realized that a friend could never be with his friend forever, simply because each has his own life to take and will surely die sometime. Nevertheless, life should still go on, with the memories of that friend buried in the heart.

After watching the movie, I was almost teary-eyed. Maybe, that was because I was really touched and inspired, but there was also a part of me that feels scared. I just realized that writing is a very delicate thing. One should always have originality and new ideas, or else he might be accused of plagiarism. But there is something that bothers me whenever plagiarism is being talked about. It is that there is a great possibility for two or more people to sometimes have the same idea. That is why I think that sometimes it’s just a matter of who was the first one to express or publicize it.

Overall, the movie was great. I thought I wouldn’t like it because the characters were black-Americans and because it was boring at first, but those proved me wrong. I like to praise the movie for having such a good story. My bad impression of it was replaced with a very good one that after watching it, I immediately recommended it to one of my friends. This is indeed another movie to be included in my list of must-watch movies of all times!


Finding Forrester: A Remarkable Movie

I. At first, I got bored.
A. I didn’t like the rap part.
B. There were unnecessary conversations.
C. I didn’t like the way the characters spoke.

II. I began to like the movie.
A. I was inspired by Forrester’s wide thoughts.
B. I was touched by Jamal and Forrester’s friendship.

III. Something was bothering me about plagiarism.

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