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APA Format for Annotated Bibliographies

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What is the annotated bibliography?

A bibliography is a type of list of references that are accompanied by short description of a source and illustration of its main points. It serves as a note explaining the relevance of a reference and its relation to the topic. Exists various kinds of an annotated bibliography. Each of these has its peculiarities. Depending on the kind of bibliography, a writer should attach various types of info to the very source. An author can add an evaluative judgment, describe the source or render some main ideas. It is also possible to write some general facts that will enable the target reader to understand the source better.

As a rule, annotated bibliography includeі two sense sections. The first section comprises the very citation of the book, article or another source. It should be presented in accordance with all standards. The second part of an annotated includes the point of the author. It can be presented in the form of evaluation or description. An author has to explain the relation of the current source to the paper to which he attached the reference.

There are two basic types of an annotated bibliography. One of them is called summary. A summary should explain the general points of the source cited. The author has to render the general sense using a few sentences. It enables the target reader to understand the essence of a reference. The second kind is called the descriptive annotated bibliography.
It requires from a writer to provide the evaluative judgments and comments, while the previous type merely presupposes the availability of the necessary info. An author working on the compilation of descriptive annotated bibliography should be relevant, scrupulous, accurate and exact.

How to write annotated bibliography APA?

Each document or academic paper is compiled in accordance with some standards dictated by a style. Exist two basic writing styles that are the most widespread. These are the MLA and APA styles. They belong to the basic ones. The APA stands for the American Psychological Association. It is basically applied by a student choosing humanitarian directions of studies. Exist many specificities and guidelines helping to compile appropriate annotated bibliography APA.

  1. Primarily, you need to focus on the setting the appropriate margins and spacing. The whole writing should be double-spaced.
  2. As a rule, annotated bibliographies apa style are one paragraph long. You have to create a short abstract comprising approximately 150-200 words.
  3. There are also some specificities, concerning the very writing. An author has to use the third person singular while creating an annotation.
  4. Concerning the inserting of the citations, a writer has to set the special margins. They should begin from the left side, and the next lines should have four spaces. Each first line should be intended.
  5. The annotated bibliographies apa should comprise only relevant info. They should be perfectly polished and contain concise information.
  6. The author has to describe the source and explain its relevance to the topic. A writer should enable a reader to understand, why he focused his attention on a very source.

Following these guidelines and sticking to the accepted standards allows formatting the bibliography properly. What is more, it will enable to motivate the choice of reference sources and satisfy the requirements of scholarly supervisors.

APA annotated bibliography template

APA annotated bibliographies is an essential kind of document that serves as an addition to the paper. It includes the references, which were used in the process of a paper compilation. As is often the case, writers tend to apply quotation, famous saying and other people thoughts. To avoid plagiarism usage issues, people need to indicate the sources of the info applied. In this case, they need to be familiar with the specificity of APA annotated bibliography.

It resembles the usual reference list. However, it also has many comments from the author explaining the general content of the source mentioned. Depending on the type of annotated bibliography, a writer either has to present a couple of comments or impose personal evaluative judgments. A writer should also bear in mind, that there are standards of formatting, particularly APA standards. One should strictly stick to them. The comments in teh annotated bibliography help the target reader to understand whether the source is relevant to the topic. What is more, they provide some background info, which may be useful for a reader. Here is the standards template for the annotated bibliography APA:

  1. Insert the citation.
  2. Write a small comment – the annotation. It should comprise 150-200 words.
  3. Describe the strength and weaknesses of the source.
  4. Analyze the motives of the author.
  5. Present exciting facts or catchy info.
  6. Author’s background.
  7. Sum up.


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