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Amir Character Literary Analysis

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General Description of Amir

Every story has its main character. In The Kite Runner, Amir as the main character because of his dominant appearance from the beginning to the end of the story by showing his suffering toward conflict and anxiety he experienced about. Besides that, Amir is known as the only character who has some motives to solve his problem and get what he wants.

In another side, by paying attention toward conflict and anxiety Amir experienced about, and motive Amir has to get what he wants and solve his problem, Amir’s general description as the main character of The Kite Runner can be analyzed thoroughly. Here is the complete explanation of Amir’s general story in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner.


Amir is a caring person. Dealing with the definition of caring in Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary (Homby, 1995), caring person is a person who shows his feeling affection and concern for other people. Hassan, Amir’s Baba, and Rahim Khan are persons who get Amir’s caring Amir’s caring toward Hassan can be seen when Amir tried to calm Hassan down who was crying beside Amir. Slinging his arm around Hassan and pulled Hassan close and letting Hassan rest his head on Amir’s shoulder are the body gestures Amir makes that shows his affection and concern for Hassan. So that it can be concluded that Amir is a caring person.

… I reached across my seat, slung my arm around him, pulled him close. He rested his head on my shoulder. (Hosseini, 2003:7)

The second proof showing Amir’s general description as a caring person appeared when Amir asked Sohrab to live with him and his wife in America. The other reason of Amir asking Sohrab to live with him, beside Sohrab was the only family he had, is Amir’s caring and affection toward Sohrab because of Sohrab’s help in a bloody fight Amir had with Assef.

The sentence Amir uses to describe his great caring and affection toward Sohrab is “What had happened in that room with Assef, had irrevocably bound us.” The phrase “irrevocably bound us” shows Amir’s great affection and concern toward Sohrab.

What had happened in that room with Assef had irrevocably bound us. …

“Would you like to come live in America with my wife and me?”(Hosseini, 2003:279)

The third proof shows Amir’s general description as a caring person is Amir’s question toward Sohrab whether he wanted Amir to chase the kite or not. Amir tries to get back Sohrab trust by chasing the kite. Amir wants Sohrab believes Amir that he can give back Sohrab’s hope and Amir’s promise to have a better life in America together.

The sentence emphasizes Amir’s big concern and affection for Sohrab is “For you, a thousand times over.” which means Amir will always do and try everything and anytime what Sohrab wants.

“Do you want me to run that kite for you?” … I thought I saw him nod.
“For you, a thousand times over,” (Hosseini, 2003:323)


Amir is described as an inferior person. Dealing with the definition of inferior in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Homby,1995), an inferior person is a person who always sees himself as a person with low importance and quality. This kind of person usually thinks that he is unworthy and lack self-confidence. Most of Amir’s inferiority appears to define with his assumption that Baba hates him.

The first situation proves Amir’s general description as an inferior person happens when he thinks the reason why Baba prefers to get busy with his own business then has quality time with Amir, is caused by his birth that made his mother dead. Amir describes himself as his mother and Baba beloved wife murderer.

According to the meaning of assumption in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Homby,1995), assumption means a thing that is thought to be right or sure to happen but is not proved. The way Amir assuming the reason Baba does not like to spend more time with him that later makes Amir feels that Baba hates him a little shows Amir as an inferior person. Amir believes that his presence is not essential for Baba since he already murdered Baba beloved wife.

… I always felt like Baba hated me a little. And why not? After all, I had killed his beloved wife,
(Hosseini, 2003:17)

Dealing with Amir’s inferiority toward his hobby, the sentence “Of course, marrying a poet was one thing, but fathering a son who preferred burying his face in poetry books to hunting…well, that wasn’t Baba had envisioned it, I suppose,” shows Amir’s significant inferiority toward himself and his hobby. Amir thinks that he is not a son that Baba wants to get.

Of course, marrying a poet was one thing, but fathering a son who preferred burying his face in poetry books to hunting…well, that wasn’t Baba had envisioned it, I suppose. A real man didn’t read poetry …

Real men – real boys played soccer just as Baba had when he had been young. (Hosseini, 2003:17)

Amir as an inferior happens when Amir thinks that his hobby being a bookworm of poetry book does not make Baba proud of him. Amir realizes that a real boy and a real man do not read a poetry book.

They would prefer to play soccer than bury themselves in a poetry book.


As the main character in The Kite Runner, Amir is described as a coward person. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Homby,1995), a coward person is defined as a person who lacks courage when facing a dangerous or unpleasant situation. Most of the coward person will try to avoid an unpleasant condition he needs to meet. Amir’s characteristic as a coward person appeared when he was a boy.

Amir’s general description as a coward person described by Baba’s dialogue with Rahim Khan. Baba told Rahim Khan that Amir never fought back to the boys in their neighborhood who tried to annoy him. Since Amir just dropped his head. Never fighting back, cutting the head when there were boys bored amirs are Amir’s behavior and gestures that show he is a person who lacks the courage to stand for himself. No person likes to be annoyed by another people.

“… I see how they push him around, take his toys from him, give him a shove, a whack there. And you know, he never fights back. Never. He just…drops his head and…” (Hosseini, 2003:19)

Amir’s general description as a coward person also appears when Amir knew Assef and his gang trapped Hassan in an alley. Seeing Hassan caught by Assef and his group made Amir afraid. The only thing Amir could do was seeing Hassan from behind one part of the aisle, yet he knew that Hassan needed his help.

Amir’s cowardliness can be seen by his reaction toward the situation, such as exhaling his breath it slowly and quietly. Amir’s response such breathing quietly indicates Amir’s fear of producing any sound that can be heard by Assef and may lead Assef knowing Amir’s presence in the alley, and it will bring Amir in lousy condition. Dealing with the explanation, Amir’s reaction above is caused by his lack of courage when he faces the dangerous or unpleasant situation.

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