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Advantages of Shopping Malls

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Beginning of the history, there were many needs for human being, such as: food, clothes and tools. At the beginning, we swapped them, made them, and we invented the money and the bazaars to buy them. In these days, we have tremendous bazaars that we call shopping mall. In modern cities thousands of people choose the shopping malls to buy their needs. Also, shopping malls became our entertaining areas. On the other hand, small shops, markets and movie theaters in big cities have been closed one by one because of the shopping malls.

Besides we spend much more time and money in shopping malls these days. Some people believe that these huge bazaars waste our time and money. In addition, they are dangerous for our economic system. Although some people believe that it’s harmful, there are many advantages of shopping malls. Firstly, millions of people live in big cities where experience a lot of problems including traffic jam, human population and transportation problems. In some cities even going from somewhere to another can be a real problem.

Especially working people can be forced if they want to do shopping, eat outside or have fun outside with their families. Therefore, shopping malls can be helpful to people who are in a hurry. First; they can do shopping, second; they can go to the cinema all together and last; they can eat there. As a result: shopping malls are not waste of time. On the contrary, they help us to use our time effectively. Secondly, in our age cost of living is too high for many people, particularly for people who have to live with low income. Besides, everybody loves discounts.

Shopping malls offer their customers many special discounts, deals and coupons. In order to save their money, many people prefer to shop in malls. In addition, they can make a choice among thousands of things. Alternatives are unlimited and the prices are cheaper than the small shop and the markets. In summary, shopping malls are the best choice to do shopping and best way of spending less money. Thirdly, because of the high rates of small firms bankrupt, many experts believe that there are many bad effects of shopping malls on our economic system.

Fist of all, shopping malls enrich the locations where they built in. In this context, shopping malls provide many job opportunities for unemployed people. Also, they can attract many people attention and in this way thousands of people may visit them from other cities and even from other countries. It seems that, they can earn more money than the small shops. This means they will pay more taxes to government from sales. In conclusion, shopping malls are not danger or harmful for our economic system, they are part of the win-win system that means all parties will win through shopping malls.

To sum up, shopping habits has changed throughout history. We have searched the easiest and the cheapest way of shopping. Places have changed where people do shopping. Because sellers wanted to attract people’s attention in order to sell their products. Small shops turned to shopping malls over time. They are really important for our needs. They are neither dangerous for our economic system nor harmful. They strengthen our economic system.

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