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PR Campaign for Munsea Situation Analysis

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Being given the task to analyze and comprehend as to why the MADD chapter failed in Munsea, I would first go to the city and especially to the Bell campus to conduct a complete research. In order to figure out the problems and challenges that the MADD chapter faced in Munsea, I would first analyze the situation and the factors that resulted in the failure of MADD campaign. Since I had been in the city for some time, so I have full awareness that it is mainly a college city and the college students are in majority. Moreover, the city is quite famous for basketball game and the fans come from as far away as 100 miles to watch the game.

To determine the problem and the reasons of the failure of the campaign I would pay more attention to the Bell campus and would conduct both quantitative and qualitative research. First, I would walk around the Bell campus and would closely observe the students and their activities. I hope that by doing so I would be able to see if the students are aware of the MADD’s efforts and campaign, whether it has affected them in any way or not, and how much the students have contributed towards the MADD chapter. I would also find the opinion leaders within the students and other communities.

I would conduct interviews with them to find out their opinions about MADD and the red ribbon campaign. Secondly, I would conduct focus groups with the students, Munsea MADD chapter members and most importantly, the business owners. These focus groups would definitely give an insight to the reasons as to why the campaign was an utter failure in the city. I would try to find whether the campaign’s members have actively and effectively participated or not. Similarly, it would also give an insight to the response that the said campaign has received from the public.

Finally, I would conduct surveys and polls from the residents of the city and would ask them if they had participated in the campaign and the reason for participating or not participating in the campaign. This research is crucial before devising my strategy as it would help me in understanding what are the attitudes and opinions of the students and residents regarding the red ribbon campaign. It would also help me to determine the factors that lead to its failure. I would be able to find out if the campaign failed due to a negative response or if it was not effective enough to persuade and convince the public.

Strategy and Plan After conducting complete research and analyzing the situation, effective measures are required to control the basketball-drinking-driving problem. Since the fans stay overnight in the city during the basketball matches, so the chance of accidents and casualties is also high during that time. So to control this problem, first, there should be coordinating efforts with the basketball team. The Munsea MADD chapter and the basketball team should coordinate and organize fund raisers and awareness campaign against drunk driving.

The basketball team can encourage and aware the students regarding their participation in MADD campaign. Through this the people of the community can be given awareness regarding the dangers of drunk driving. During the basketball matches, the MADD members should be present in the field with flyers and banners to promote awareness among the masses and to prevent them from drinking during the game. Similarly, banners and posters with effective images and messages can also be placed in the Bell College campus to raise awareness among the students.

The college authority can also be contacted to provide transportation, so that the students can be dropped home safely after the match. Moreover, different mediums of communication should also be used in order to promote awareness against the drunk driving. Creative advertisements on both print and electronic media should be used to raise awareness among the masses. During the firm’s meeting, I would do the following:

• Present the research

• Tell how I conducted research

• Enumerate the drawbacks in the earlier campaign

• Discuss the target public

• Present the ideas as to how the campaign can be promoted effectively

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