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Popular kids vs. The Nerds

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High school, the time that many people consider is the best years of their lives. It’s the time when you are trying to find yourself, who you are, and who you want to become. Some people choose to study and be the top student in their class: the classic “nerd”. Others choose to take another route the one I like to call life of the party, these people are usually called the” popular kids.” In other words weather you chose one or the other there are always consequences, of course these could be good or bad. “The popular boy”

This boy is considered the hottest boy in school, the one every girl dreams of, the one every girl would love to be asked to the Prom by. Popular boys are often exceedingly confident to the point where they are arrogant. They can dress preppy, in polo or vineyards or some even try the “gangsta” look (even though most of them are white and rich). These boys are usually the top athletes in the school; usually the quarterback on the football team. If one of them doesn’t play a sport, he has to become a clown to stay in the group. Clowns are those who are funny to the point where they are desperate kids who try to make fun of everything and everyone. Even though they aren’t funny people laugh along because they are popular. This boy usually takes advantage of the fact that he is considered the best looking guy in school, to have a different girlfriend every week. If you date one of these creatures be prepared to face the consequences such as humiliation from the whole school when he breaks up with you and the burring furry of his exes.

The male “nerd”
This boy is usually smart in all subjects, has straight A’s , he can be identified as having a wired accent, huge glasses, tight “high water” pants and not the best looking guy. This boy will never attend parties and will read on his spare time. They have no abilities in sports; some have probably never even touched a ball. Although smart they might not have a clue of which football team made it to the playoffs. They are often teased by the popular crowed. They are taken advantage by these popular kids for example: they are bullied to do someone else homework. They are the quite kid that sit in the front of the classroom, and dream of asking that one girl to the Prom but knows that, that will never happen. The “popular girl”

They are girls brainwashed by Barbie into thinking that their job is to look hot and make fun of others. This girl usually blonde/ brunette / black haired/ and in some cases a redhead is the hottest girl on school. They shop at the most expensive stores such as: Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. This girl is usually part of the cheerleading team and is dating the quarterback of the football team, if they aren’t cheerleaders they are the top athletes at whatever sport they participate in. Have tan skin and a “rockin” body most of these popular girls go or host the best parties in town, they get drunk or get high before they are even eighteen. They could be super smart but dumb themselves down just to be part of the group. They are rich and have the best clothes, cars and have huge mansions. They get everything they want and if they don’t they pout like a little kid until they get what they want. They start the meanest rumors and have the biggest ego. In other words they could ruin a person’s life. The female “nerd”

This girl is described as overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially imperative. They spend massive amounts on unpopular, obscure non-mainstream activities, which are generally highly technical or relating topics of fiction or fantasy. They are shy, unattractive and “unfashionable”. They have difficulty participating in, or even following sports. They wear very large glasses, braces, and have severe acne and pants high lifted up. They are physically unfit, either overweight or very thin. These girls in some cases dream of being asked to the Prom by any guy but they don’t have the confidence to even talk to a guy.

They are used or made fun of by the “popular girls” because of their smarts and their non-fashion. This is your typical high school life, you can chose which path you want but remember, the popular kids later realize that the whole world doesn’t revolve around them and that being the most popular kid in school didn’t matter in the real world. They will regret not caring about their grades in high school; they will usually end up working for the “nerds”. Why? You may ask, well while the popular kids where having fun and partying, the nerd was actually getting an education and graduating top of their class and going to the best universities in the nation. Therefore becoming your boss, so I would be careful who I made fun of because that person that you made fun of may be reading you resume in the future.

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