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Persuasive esaay on allowing kids off campus during lunch

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Juniors and seniors should be allowed to go off campus during lunch. By the time someone is a junior they are approximately 16 years old and are responsible for their own actions. Juniors and seniors are responsible, tired of school lunches but meanwhile can drive places to get food, and with the juniors and seniors off campus at lunch the campus would be less crowded.

When a student is a junior or senior they have become responsible for their own actions. When these students go off campus they are gaining a privilege and if they are irresponsible they will have to pay the consequences. Also by the time someone is 16 they have matured and have become more responsible so they can handle the privilege of going off campus and returning to school on time for their next class. If they decide not to return to class after lunch they will get Saturday School Hours and for seniors you cannot have any Saturday School Hours to graduate. So if the students decide to ditch and gain lots of Saturday School Hours then they are risking not graduating. This then means they will have little or no success after high school. So if the students decide to ditch and take this risk they will be responsible for their decision in the long run. In the end going off campus is a responsibility for any student and by this time they are responsible for their own actions and their actions will decide what they do with their life. So if the student wants to be homeless and unsuccessful then they will decide to ditch and not graduate because of it.

After two years of having the same things to choose from for lunch it gets really old. When a student finally gets their license they can go off campus and decide what they want for lunch and they are ready for this decision instead of just knowing what they can choose from either pizza or burritos. As a student the choices are not enough of a variety to be eating them Monday through Friday for two years let alone eating them for four years. For someone who doesn’t eat lunch or brings their lunch then the choices are fine and going off campus is not a problem, but for someone who eats lunch everyday the choices get really old and they want a change and being able to chose anything for their own lunch would be a huge relief. Just imagine if everyday you had to eat the same thing for lunch every single day. You would get tired of it. Wouldn’t you? Well that is how the students feel and they want some changes, so going off campus is the way of making that change.

Juniors and seniors are approximately half of the students at school. When they are off campus during lunch the school campus is still crowded. Just think of how crowded the campus would be if every student had to stay at school during lunch. The school would be even more crowded and plus there will be more chances of a fight occurring. There currently is a problem with fights occurring on campus during lunch and there are mainly only freshmen and sophomores on campus during lunch. Just think about when you add the juniors and seniors they will just add to the problem and make the rate of fights increase. So in that matter it would be better for school officials and for the safety of the students if the juniors and seniors stay off campus during lunch. With the campus being crowded it is hard for school officials to enforce the rules and catch any student who decides to break the rules.

Allowing students off campus during lunch is better for everyone. Not only will the students get their own choice in food and get their own way, the school officials will also have an easier time enforcing the rules and preventing fights from occurring. Once you weigh out the facts it is a good idea to let the juniors and seniors off campus during lunch. So in conclusion the end both the school officials and students will be happier.

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