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Person I Like the Most

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The person I like the most is my dad. He is a man of balanced personality with full of love. Everyone says that to them their mother means everything. Their mothers are the one who taught them how to walk, eat, manners and all other basic things. But it is different in my case, my dad is my mother my everything. When I was young my mother died, since then, I have always seen my dad as my mom and as my dad. He is a very hardworking, committed but very strict. I have always seen my dad working 12 hours a day. I have always seen him working hard. I always ask him to take a vacation, but he never does taking me to the boarding school which has 3 hours drive. He says that he enjoys working. Once when he had the important paper work to do , he didn’t dine with us, he didn’t talk , he went to his work as soon as he came back we had to give him a cup of coffee and within some minute he was back to his study room busy with his work all night long. But still he managed to wake up early and goes for his work with a smile on his face. Since then I realized he really enjoys his work. If someone asks me “Who is the promising person I have ever met, I would say my dad”.

Till 19 years I have never seen my dad breaking his promise, until and unless something really serious comes up. He used to promise me that he would visit me once a month in my boarding school. And all those 12 years he did visit me once a month. He is not only promising in his personal life, he is the same in his professional life too. If he promises one of the employees to give a vacation, he does give them on time. And everyone appreciates and likes him for that. My friends call my dad “Helter” and I completely agree with them. I don’t mean he never lets me go out with my friends or he never lets me to what I want to do. But he tries to correct me in my each and every work, which sometimes makes me irritate. I have to sit straight with him, all the time, no matter how tired I am. When I am home I have to be energetic. Once he asked me to be in his office with him, I was glad and excited to work with my dad.

I worked with him for 12 hours and when we were home, I directly went to my room and crashed on my bed; he woke me up by pulling my ears and made me do his paper work. On top of that he wanted to go on a walk with me. I don’t know where he gets all this energy from, but he expects me to be like him, which is kind of next to impossible. No matter how strict he is, but my dad is my superhero. To me my batman, Spiderman is my dad. I know he being strict to me is for my better and brighter future. That’s the reason why I have no complaints with his strictness .Honestly I am kind of addicted to his strictness. Now when I am free in USA with no dad to correct me I see myself piled up with lots of work, which makes me frustrated all the time. And that makes me miss my dad more. And I still try my best to be like him hopefully one day I will.

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