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Pens Vs. Pencils

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For thousands of years, people everywhere around the world have jotted down their deepest thoughts and feelings on paper. Evidently, people have needed writing utensils. There have been markers, crayons, sharpies, paint, pastels, chalk, and the most frequently used, pen and pencil. Since pencils are better for the environment, are less time consuming, have erasers, and save money, they are the most beneficial of all writing implements. Pencils are infinitely better than the pen because they are much less time consuming. A pencil glides over the paper much more quickly, which affords a more rapid of execution than the pen. Rapid pencil writing is easier to read than rapidly-made pen marks, for the reason that the use of the pencil avoids the little ticks and dashes which the pen is almost always certain to leave attached to rapid shorthand writing.

Pens will leave constant pen marks and cause unwanted messes which will take a great time and effort to clean up. However, with pencils there is no such problem with dots, leaving hands completely spotless. A pencil can be broken into many other tiny pencils, while breaking a pen does not lead to many, tiny, little pens. In the long run, pens can dry out and be useless. On the other hand, pencils can be used again and again, saving people time from going to their local office supply store, and instead being able to spend more time doing the activities that he or she enjoys most. Pencils are healthier and easier to use. The pen is mightier than the sword, but the pencil is definitely mightier than the pen! Pens require correctional fluid which can leave people to breathe fumes of harmful chemicals and an unwanted mess they will have trouble cleaning up.

Correctional fluid is of a liquid substance, therefore it is necessary that the writer makes sure they do not mess up their paper in the process of eliminating a mistake. This makes it much more difficult for the writer. Unlike pens, pencils have erasers, which make it easy to eliminate any mistake, and make the alteration look almost always completely non existent. Also, the eraser is part of the pencil, which make it more convenient and easier to correct the mistake. Pens require pocket protecters, which are uncomfortable to wear.

Pencils are great when it comes to portability. Even hiding a pencil behind the ear is a possibility, thus creating a very intellectual look. The pen also uses ink made of processed fish which creates carbon dioxide. Pens are made of plastic, while pencils are completely organic. The effects of using a pencil are both healthier and easier, therefore using a pen is not the most clever choice. Pencils save money. At the cost of a single pencil, people have the ability to write with both sides of it. This saves money and time. Because almost the entire world is in recession, the first thing people want to do is save money. The price of one ballpoint pen is equivalent to that of an entire pack of wooden pencils. If a person can use pencil ten times longer, and save money doing it, why would they not? Pens run out of ink and dry out frequently. Not only does money not grow on trees, but eventually everything adds up, and the person will realize how much money they have lost when they have bought pens instead of pencils. A person can save hundreds of dollars, and rather spend it on things that they enjoy buying, like cellphones and cameras.

In conclusion, pencils are much finer utensils than the pen. Pencils save time. Along with being healthier and easier to use as well, they are better because they also save money. Pencils are used all around the world, every day, and are first choice to many people. Ultimately, the pencil has a much higher status than that of their inky counterparts.

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