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Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is an act that brings positive or negative influence to makes other people to change their decisions. Peer pressure affects peer group such as individual ways that lead them to change their moral values, behaviors and personal attitudes. Peer pressure also influences social groups such as families, working mates and age mate behavior. This means that, peer pressure influences members behavior from one group to the other group. Members from different groups behave differently in a way that they wish not to associate with other groups of their choice. Peer pressure has positive and negative force to the society. According to this paper, peer pressure has the following elements; current trends, Controversial issues, Cultural differences and Ethical considerations.

Current trends in peer pressure

Current trend in Peer pressure is the chain in buying process and the way people make decisions on the purchasing decision. Current trend in peer pressure changes people thoughts in various aspects of their live styles. Peer pressure affects society in purchasing decision since for them to make any buying process their have to consider what others are doing according to (Scott, & Codd, 2010). Most people in society prefer to purchase what is new in the society and modern technical things in the market that are most influenced by other peoples from the same age or different ages as well.

Current trends in peer pressure is encouraged by media because, people prefer what Media advertise to them and consider those items most modern. By the use of media, people change on how they spend their earned money as stated by (Newman& Newman, 2012). Some of things people they do in current trends may influence positive or negative to the users and sellers as well. Some of things in current trends that influenced by peer pressure are; cigarettes, smart phones, cars and alcohol as well.


Current trends in Peer pressure influence people to engage in smoking despite of impacts they can have to their bodies. Peer pressure influence People by feeling more stubborn to join behavior of their friends to smoke in their daily basis according to (Scott, & Codd, 2010). Due to lack of care about the consequences of the smoking, they assume them and feel privilege to associates with their groups since without cooping their friends they will be seen as rebellion to their members. Peer pressure causes negative impact to the smokers since people become unhealthy and for the positive side tobacco companies rely on this situation to make more capital from the users. Current trends in peer pressure improves from one day to another given that more people are been introduced to smoking according to (Scott, & Codd, 2010).

Smart phones

Current trends in peer pressure influences people in the society to have a feeling that it is good to have classic phones such as Smartphone and I pads to keep them in touch with their friends. This enables them to attach their emails, messages and face booking to meet their friends online. Many people are influenced by others to buy smart phones in order to be able communicate with others through internet as stated by (Scott, & Codd, 2010). Due to changes in technology, many people evolve with buying and replacing their existing smart phones due to change in technology. This enables people to move with the latest devices that offer new services and have high speed and capability to access the world as a small village.

Peer pressure influences teenagers to buy this phones in order to uses cameras to take photos when their meet for functions. These help them to keep secrets of functions since; every one has a phone to save any event from functions as stated by (Scott, & Codd, 2010). This makes current trends of buying process to be higher due to the highest level of purchase.


Peer pressure influences the current trend of taking alcohol to be high since many are encouraged by others to engage in alcohol as means to fit in the group members. Most people feel immerse pressure to join their friends in bars and clubs to drink. Using alcohol drinks, people lose their control and engage in to unprotected sex that usually cause sexual transmitted disease according to (Newman& Newman, 2012). This is influenced by peer pressure and makes economics to be very poor while many people are unwell and government usually uses huge amount of funds to buy medicines. Not only negative impact but also on other hand, many companies of beer brewing emerge due to many users of their products. Via brewing of alcohol, current trends in peer pressure improve buying process due to high number of alcohol victims according to (Newman& Newman, 2012).

Controversial issues in peer pressure

Controversial issues in peer pressure is one of element that lead people to make decision wise in order to control
arising issues in peer pressure influences as stated by (Thyer, 2010). Since it is easy to follow what one’s friends are doing, it is good to decide if you have enough capital to purchase what you what and to consider if you have; enough support for any effects arises. It is good for teenagers to measure their moral values in society and control their behavior since in some communities each immoral value is been punished. In order to control this, one should control according to (Thyer, 2010).

Cultural differences in peer pressure

Many people differ from one culture to another due to peer pressure influences. Cultural differences in peer pressure are the most influences by media since each country differ from one another in way of technology as stated by (Thyer, 2010). These differences are both philosophical and personal behaviors. Some community thinks that snitching is something you do not do in their community even if is cases such as raping cases emerges. In cases like those that raping people may stand by laughing and taking videos instead of doing something since to them raping is seen as normal. Other communities’ belief that raping is curse and any person committing it should be killed.

Cultural differences in Peer pressure usually makes people to be bad but the popular to the society such that people engage in dirty things in order to be known to others. Teenagers in their campus life usually engage in strikes in order to become bad but to earn popularity according to (Werhane, 2013).

In other community may people make decision on tough things they get from falling in to peer pressure and they get effort to say no to join others in their pleasure such as smoking and alcohol drinking as per the statement from (Werhane, 2013). Some of cultural differences in peer pressure such as Western culture usually affect Africa cultures such that they influence their behavior to them. In way of dressing, many people follow what others wear in order other people to see them. Some culture rejects spirit of homosexual and lesbianism while some of their members usually introduce them selves to such behaviors according to (Werhane, 2013).

Ethical consideration in peer pressure

Ethical consideration in peer pressure helps people to make effective moral action since one has to consider; Moral
awareness- in moral awareness one has to find out ethical issues involved and parties who are doing the action according to (Thyer, 2010). This helps one to know how to prevent obstacles of moral awareness such as; Low moral perception this obstacle prevents many to see dimensions of situations according to (Thyer, 2010). It also prevents them from unawares to focus any problem that may cause them to have negative impacts on peer pressure. In order to overcome negative results from peer pressure they must know and be alert for the impacts of their action to increase awareness by taking on their perspectives and situations according to (Thyer, 2010).

Another obstacle of moral awareness is Moral disengagement– ethical consideration helps individuals to know the question in situation and cause one to lack response to the questions that lead many to enter in to bad behavior group. For one to prevent the situation he must place himself to the situation and decide a relevant decision from the results one has to get from the situation. Self–service bias is another obstacle in moral awareness to encourage people to look for information that will support their pre– existing views; they select information that will support their views hence leading them to make incorrect decision. To prevent this, people must use their awareness to find other alternative interpretation of the same data in order to get different consideration to avoid self– serving interpretation according to (Scott, & Codd, 2010).

Ethical consideration in peer pressure considered Moral judgment as another obstacle of moral awareness. This involves measures the weight of ethical consideration that bear on the situation and find the moral course of action in peer pressure one has to obey the authority by been aware that one has to be responsible for his own actions and others will not prevent you to face the judgment. This usually helps people to reduce immoral actions such as raping hence avoiding judgment. Acting accordance with moral judgment– one has to practice to do moral things in order to avoid the judgment since deciding is not enough than practicing what one should do to avoid immoral behavior according to (Newman& Newman, 2012).

In conclusion, peer pressure affects people lives in both positive and negative ways. For one to avoid the negatives impacts one has to focus on decisions he/she makes hence, been ready to bare any results that one has to face through that decision. For current trends in peer pressure, has to review the decision of purchasing and using the quality of goods he has. In controversial issues in peer pressure one has to consider what control instrument, he must use in order to avoid the negatives results. Cultural different are supposed to consider when making decision in order one to make decision wisely. Finally, ethical considerations are supposed to be used keenly in order to create awareness of moral behaviors.


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