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The Parliament is an essential part of UK politic and has the responsibility of approving or making new laws. Before an item of legislation becomes a law, it may first be known as a bill. The bill must then be agreed by both side of the house (House of Lord & House of Common) and could also be voted against by either side, in which case it does not become a law. However, if the Common passes the bill in two successive years, it has the possibility of becoming a law without being agreed by the House of Lords.

The Bill then needs to obtain Royal Assent (all new laws must be approved by the ruling monarch e. . – the Queen), which in most cases is a formality. When it is given Royal Assent, the bill now becomes an act of Parliament. This here is known as primary legislation, and shows the method in which Acts of parliament can become new laws. Moreover, through the use of primary legislations (Acts of parliament) other bodies are empowered to develop an existing Act of parliament and make a new law. For instance the Home Office will deal with new Acts relating to immigration by making new laws concerning immigrations.

This is known as delegated legislation. However, it is very important to stress the fact that any new laws made by delegated legislation must be made in accordance or within the guideline of that particular Act. I believe that the view expressed in the letter is incorrect to a certain extent. Even though it is true that “vast numbers of laws are made by something called delegated legislation”, those laws follow the strict guideline of Acts of Parliament that has been passed by both the House of Common and the House of Lord.

In that regard, one can go as far as to claim that those laws are in fact an extended Parliamentary work because it was an Act of Parliament which created the foundation of that law and simply includes and highlights the purpose of the Act. There are many reasons as to why delegated legislation is being used so often in practice. The process is time efficient for Parliament as it avoids overloading the already limited Parliamentary timetable.

In addition, elegated legislation not only allows improvement to be made to an existing law, it also enables the empowered body to make technical changes to the law without waiting on new Acts of Parliament to be passed. It furthers allows laws to be made by those who possess the appropriate knowledge. In doing so, local authority for instance can make laws which are best fit for that community rather than following a sets of laws which are not best fits or beneficial to that particular community or area because a local authority will know what is best for the neighborhood rather than the Parliament.

Parliament works entirely to protect the best interest of the nations. Different laws are made on a regular basis to tackle different issues that arise. The use of delegated legislation, allow Parliament to pass on responsibility to able bodies that have the appropriate expertise to use Acts of Parliament in order to make new laws, improve the laws or make technical changes to the laws.

It is my belief that this method makes the Parliament work very efficient has delegated legislation can be use to cover situation the Parliament had not foreseen when it enacted a piece of legislation which overall makes it very flexible and very useful to law making. This help drive home the fact that delegated legislation is repeatedly able to meet the ever-changing needs of society and helps tackle situation that was not anticipated by Parliament when they enacted an Act of Parliament.

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