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Organizational restructuring

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Organizational restructuring is a very fundamental and diverse topic in sociology drawing its contents from textbooks, journals, periodicals and internet sources. One such reference material is the article “some unanticipated consequences of organizational restructuring” by McKiney William. The article is a publication of the academy of management having its first edition produced in the year 2000. The article’s central focus is the implications of organizational restructuring to management.

It further draws the effect of organizational restructuring to the top and the junior management, the effect on the environmental issues and the overall effect of organizational restructuring on the self ego. The article selects specific thesis and research on these areas and come up with a theory which is deemed to be important in management today. The article is very important because from it we get to understand the relationship between organizational restructuring and effect on management. From the article some basic definitions have been given for the reader to grasp some meanings of the terms before reading the findings.

The author has given the meaning particularly of ‘cognitive order’ and ‘organizational restructuring’. (McKinley, 2000: 56-67). By comparing his research with the earlier researchers who wrote on organizational restructuring, like Bowman et al. (1999) and Singh (1993), the writer has come up with a concrete analysis on this subject. He says for example that Singh wrote on the consequences of organizational restructuring in the reduction of costs, productivity improvement and increase in the shareholders value which is also very fundamental in his research findings and is also key in organizational restructuring.

This article has been very essential for me because from it I got to learn that organizational restructuring cannot be taken only to mean the common understanding by the business orientations that it’s about the great competitiveness of the company and the financial performance. My knowledge has been broadened away from this notion to getting some facts that the anticipated consequences of organizational restructuring through self-reinforcing mechanisms are also very important. The matter which has been discussed without conclusion as to the effect of management by organizational restructuring has been settled by this article.

The two fundamental questions that the author raises as regards to organizational restructuring are whether organizational restructuring really affects the generation of long term environmental disorder and whether it also has an effect on short term cognitive behaviour of the top managers in the organization. The author has tried to resolve these questions but he has given a reservation that this is not a thorough insight into the theory of organizational structuring because, he says there are so many variables that are involved in the entire process of organizational restructuring.

He says that the top management and subordinates are affected by organizational restructuring cognitively in that as a result of cognitive disorder there opens up new alternatives which the subordinates rely on in their work. This therefore makes the management be restructured in a friendlier way incorporating social attributes. Another article which draws concerns on the organizational restructuring is the publication of the University of California. The title of the article is organizational restructuring focusing on identifying the efficiencies, cost and savings.

The article was first published in the year 2007 in the University of California. (http. //www. ucr. edu) The main paper focuses on the procedures the University of California is adopting so that it can collaborate the new technologies with organization restructuring so that it can have an effective organization structure. The writer gives the detailed project which is to be done so that the administrative procedures and operations in the university management can auger well with the other workers of the organization.

The paper begins by mentioning a brief history of how the university has been performing in the past in terms of the organization of its structure, building up to the mentioning the purpose of the project and finally giving the suggested procedures (thesis and arguments) to be adopted by the University so that it achieves a good organizational structure. The article is of importance because it gives a detailed project in which an organization can easily follow in achieving a good organizational structure.

It draws ideas from the articles of the proponent writers like McKinsey (2000) who gave suggestions on how to resolve the issues which arise in organizational structures. The article is also important because it gives the purpose of restructuring the organizational structure of a business organization. The article is useful to every learner particularly to organizations because it gives a detailed study of a project by the University of California in organizing its structure.

By looking at the procedures which have been given by the writer and the bodies which are involved in making decisions for the company before it makes changes, a business corporation or organization can learn the way to be followed in coming up with a good organizational structure, the fundamental questions raised by the writer whether the organization restructuring of the University of California can meet the demands of the current technological world and whether the organizational restructuring affects all parties which include the regents, the campuses and the president. The outcome however indicates that these bodies are all necessary.

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