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Organizational Behavior Persuasive

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In the following report, I will provide detailed information about my plans for my company as I take the helm of an established company with 10,000+ employees. I will describe the company and what it does. Secondly, I will also describe the characteristics that I want my key players in the company (yourself, CFO, COO, etc.) to have and how these characteristics impact organizational behavior. Thirdly, I will analyze the motivational theories that have been discussed so far in the course and determine the best ways to motivate my employees. In conclusion, I will setup a rewards program based on performance that is appropriate to my company. Identify the key components of the program and explain why this is the best approach for my company. Describe the company and what it does. The name of my company is Best Foot Forward, Inc.

The purpose of my company is to provide superior customer service training to companies worldwide and ensure that each company we train is successful through their deliver of customer service. My ultimate goal and core value is to ensure companies focus their attention on the customer at all times. Customer service is vital for success in today’s business environment as well as customer satisfaction. Providing and maintaining outstanding customer service will be the critical difference in your business’s success. Customer service relates to all the activities performed in every business, by myself and my employees. It means analyzing these activities and ensuring they are benefiting the customer. More than just handling complaints, providing refunds and smiling at your customers, outstanding customer service means doing everything possible to satisfy your customer.

Therefore, customer service needs to be incorporated into a proactive, strategic plan that is applied throughout the organization. It needs to be a part of every decision we make and the question ”how will that affect the customer?” needs to be asked before any change is implemented. Key factor is to make the customers happy at all times, and for whatever reason. | |

Describe the characteristics you would want to see in the key players in your company (yourself, CFO, COO, etc.) and how these characteristics would impact organizational behavior. As the key players in my organization, I cannot stress the importance of how being ethical must be emphasized to the highest. Management must always be cognizant of the fact that they are in the limelight, and how they behave is clearly visible to others. Whatever we do will not only be seen by others, but may be duplicated as well. So how do we ensure that we not only say that, but that we practice what we preach? In order to do this we must first define our values, which would include honesty. Remain accountable as is everyone in the company to ensure everyone is practicing good ethical behavior. Bottom line is if you play on ethics in your workplace, then good behavior is practiced and encouraged at all times. Aside from doing the right thing, conducting ourselves ethically has great rewards and returns. Being ethical is essential to fixing problems and improving processes, which is what my company stands for. It is needed to establish baseline measures and increase efficiencies.

Most importantly, it is essential to having strong working relationships with people. On the other hand, covering up our unethical behavior does the opposite of these important workplace practices and impedes on our ability to grow as leaders, as workers and as people. Ethical behavior makes organizations succeed. A business that does not value integrity and does not walk the talk of being ethical will find themselves at the bottom of the slippery slope and wonder when and how they crossed the line. Analyze the motivational theories we have discussed so far and determine how you could best motivate your employees. The motivational theory that stands out to me that I would use to motivate my employees would be Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory. I would concentrate more on the motivational factors. Those that yield positive satisfaction.

These factors are natural to work. These factors motivate employees for superior performance. These factors are called satisfiers. These are factors involved in performing the job. Employees find these factors intrinsically rewarding. Motivational factors include: recognition- the employees should be praised and recognized for their accomplishments by the managers. Sense of achievement-the employees must have a sense of achievement. This depends on the job. Growth and promotional opportunities- there must be growth and advancement opportunities in an organization to motivate the employees to perform well. Responsibility-the employees must hold themselves accountable for the work. The managers should give them ownership of the work. They should minimize control but retain accountability. Meaningfulness of the work-the work itself should be meaningful, interesting and challenging for the employee to perform and to get motivated. I know for me these have always been the values that helped me advance in my career. This theory emphasizes job-enrichment so as to motivate the employees. The job must utilize the employee’s skills and competencies to the maximum.

Focusing on the motivational factors can improve work-quality. Setup a rewards program based on performance that is appropriate for your company. Identify the key components of the program and explain why this is the best approach for your company. My rewards program would be called the Absolute Reward Package. The key components of the rewards package would be performance and recognition. You can understand the link between the two and how they go hand in hand. The performance side to the program focuses on performance which is the alignment of organizational, team and individual efforts toward the achievement of business goals and organizational success. It includes establishing expectations, skill demonstration, assessment, feedback and continuous improvement. The second part of the rewards package would be recognition. Recognition which acknowledges or gives special attention to employee actions, efforts, behavior or performance. It meets an intrinsic need for appreciation of one’s efforts and can support business strategy by reinforcing certain behaviors (i.e. – extraordinary accomplishments) that contribute to organizational success.

Whether formal or informal, recognition programs acknowledge employee contributions immediately after the fact, usually with predetermined goals or performance levels that the employee is expected to achieve. Awards can be cash or noncash (i.e., verbal recognition, tickets, trophies, certificates, plaques, dinners). I would prefer to implement this type of rewards program because it would reinforce behaviors that improve individual and team performance. It gives each employee a chance to increase their performance by maximizing their potential based on their own individual abilities. It also provides an incentive for the individual to reach a particular performance goal, or to recognize a worker whose behavior demonstrates a cultural value or has resulted in a significant achievement—knowing that this will reinforce the behavior, meet the important human need to be appreciated and convey the behavior’s value to the organization. By implementing this type of rewards package, I am taking the first steps in measuring the effectiveness of various types of recognition and rewards on motivation, employee engagement, behavior, and job performance across my organization.


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