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Organisation and activities to develop team

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Provide an example of where the current competencies of your team do not fully match the organisational objectives. Identify activities to develop team competencies, and explain the impact of current competencies on organisational objectives. Describe the process of agreeing personal development plans with members of your team. Produce a personal development plan for individuals or your team identifying activities and timescale for completion.

Producing a team where all the different competencies are covered doesn’t always benefit the organisation. Sometimes the task or project will be split over the members of the team to create all work before the deadline; this means you need to have members that will be able to create each piece of work. Not all of the team members can have the competencies to meet the organisational objectives.

An example is when you have formed a group of team members with different skill sets so that they can complete a task given to them at a high standard, but what the client is asking for are people who have good presentational skills and are good at leading meetings but you have produced team members who are good at working on reports rather than people who have good inter-personal skills and are able to lead a meeting on this project confidently. This does not fully meet the organisational objectives of providing the client with what they require.

Team building activities come in various types, some can be about getting to know information about other team members, and others just involve an activity where they have to work as a team to complete a task. These activities are there to develop the set of people as a tea; the aim is to improve communication and understanding. Some activities mainly focus on communication where as others may focus on understanding where each person is given a set of questions and they have to use those questions to understand the other members in their team and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Another type of activity is a social team building activity. This is where the group does something social and the conversation flows and that builds conversation and knowledge of other team members gradually. Every member of a team will have a different set of competencies and these competencies will all affect the organisational objectives differently. The process of developing a personal development plan with members of my team involves communicating with team members about what they want to get from the job they are doing, see what their objectives are and then inform them of some things I think they would benefit from.

I then need to also inform them of developmental opportunities so if there are any courses they could attend or whether there are any experiences I could offer them to help them develop as part of the company. A personal development plan should also identify the progress they have made so I will discuss what I think they have succeeded in and what I think they could do better at. This will guide them in what their weaknesses are and how they can develop them.

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