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Online Viewing Grades in Concepcion Holy Cross College

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An Online Viewing Grades in Concepcion Holy Cross College the system will provide an easy access for students In viewing their grades. The system Is Improved with Html, Css, Php and MySql to provide a user-friendly and secured environment in viewing grades online. Objectives of the study 1 . To design a website that Is secured which cannot be modified or retrieved by unauthorized person. 2. To develop a website very accurate for those parents who are in abroad or provinces. 3. To develop a website that would be helpful to HCC.

Scope and Delimitation: The study of our research is Online Grades Viewer is within the range of Concepcion Holy Cross College * The instructors can encode grades of the student through online. * The administrator has an authority to edit the grades with the permission of the instructors. The administrator can add, edit, view, and delete, subject, students and Instructors. * The Instructor can change their password to secure the encoding of grades of the students in online system

* Only registered students are qualified to view their grades. The system is totally dependent on electricity * The online system is not reliable in human error. The grade encoding process relies on Internet connection. * The system has no capability of handling delayed submitting grades. It doesn’t solve or provide for the unsaved data. Significance of the study Administration – The school Administration will have an easier way of viewing grades to the students through Internet.

Professor ” The students do not need to go to school Just to input the grades of students. Student – The students do not need to go to school Just to check their grades If there’s already grades in office. Students can access/see their grades online from school or wherever they are. Future Researcher – The researcher’s desire that this study may help researchers especially those involve in this kind of study will be benefited and may apply this innovation involving in the use of computer.

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