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A Practical Report OF Training taken at International Tractor Limited

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I felt short of words to pin down anything for those who kept the ship afloat for the past month with their guidance, co-operation and expert advice. The successful completion of any training depends upon the co-operation, co-ordination and combined efforts of several resources of knowledge, inspiration, and energy.

I am very grateful to MR. V.P. SINGH, G.M. of the training department, for allowing me to be a part of such an esteem organization of him. I am grateful for the patience, and interest everybody in the organization has shown completion of any training depends upon the co-operation, co-ordination and combined efforts of for me.

With this I convey my sincere thanks to Prof. R.P. Sharma, the Director and faculty of the Automobile Department for sharing his valuable knowledge with us. And last but not the least I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Arun Arya, the Head of Department of Automobile Engineering Department at Arya College of Engineering & I.T., Jaipur for providing me the opportunity to do my four-week industrial training at such an esteemed organization. Also the whole faculty at the department has been resourceful for the industrial training for which I appreciate their efforts.


Before joining my training, I had no idea what it is going to be and what exactly is its need in the academic curriculum. By the time I finished my training I had understood how important it was for me to be a complete engineer.

A fresh graduate would have absolutely no idea of the functioning of an industry. He would probably be unaware of the various departments and their functioning. He would be completely ignorant of the working and environment. He generally would not know about the department in an enterprise. Thus industrial training prepares you to walk out of your college and join the industry. You need to have basic professional knowledge along with the theoretical background and spending a month among hardcore professional can teach you a lot.

The following report does not discuss the details of these experiences and discuss mostly the training and how it was completed. It is a much more fulfilling experience than any report will be able to express. I feel the pride to get an opportunity to have my practical training at INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS LIMITED HOSHIARPUR.

I thank everyone who has contributed to making this experience truly complete and stimulating.


  6.  DEMO

Company Profile

Sonalika Group is contributing to Green Revolution in initially it India since 1969. Start with Farm Equipments and machinery . The brand name of the Group products is
“SONALIKA‚ÄĚ Sonalika is having a market share of 80% in Farm Equipments in India. Total group turnover is 220 Million USD(IRD 1000Crores). An average growth rate of 30% makes it one of the fastest growing corporate in India. I also happen to be one of the very few debt-free companies in the world.

Sonalika group under the stewardship to Shri L.D.Mittal, (Chairman) has made stride within a short span of 14 years from the formation of ITL. It has not only made its presence felt in tractor Industry but has made inroads into the market share of popular brands. Its valued and satisfied customers are multiplying and have crossed 100,000 marks in yare 2004. The Sega started forty-one years ago when Sonalika began manufacturing threshers to help Indian farmers ensure greater productivity through qualitatively superior technology.

With the passage of time this initiative taken by Mittals turned into a great success due to the undulated efforts of its promoters and employees who worked impervious throughout. Sonalika Group is one of the top five tractor manufacturers in India. Apart from various farm equipment and implements, its product line includes Tractors, Multi-utility Vehicles(MUV),Three Wheelers ,Engine, Hydraulic System, casting ,Forging ,Brake System ,Automotive components manufacturing. Sonalika group since the inception has tried to understand customers need to be able to facilitate them with its value for money products. The company has a state of art manufacturing facilities, spread in acres, located in the pollution free suburbs of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

It employs about 3600 people including some of the renowned name in the industry. The company works on the maxims of low production cost and a clean and safe environment.

Such efforts have fetched the company the accreditation like ISO:9001:2000 and ISO 14001.Due to this high quality, a great bound of trust has grown between the company and farmers. Over the years, this grew to such an extent that the farmers soon put forth the demand that Sonalika should also manufacture a high -technology tractor. The actuality is that Sonalika has so much time on Indian farms that it understands the need and aspirations of the Indian farmer in their sense.

This great success provided further motivation ultimately resulting in setting up a new plant in the name of International Tractor Limited on October 17,1995 for the production of tractors ,the demand and requirement of which was steadily growing at that time .The plant was set up at village Chak-Gujran (Hoshiarpur)is spread over an area of approximately 65 acres and obtain a certificate of incorporation on February 26,1996..ITL is manufacturing various tractor of Sonalika Brand between 30H.P.to 90 H.P. ITL the 5TH largest tractor selling company in India and the number one company in Nepal. These tractors are also export to various other counties also including France, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

Another feather was added to the crown of Sonalika when company’s Chairman, Vice Chairman and Managing Director were honored in hotel Taj Man Singh because of their rich contribution to the tractor industry. Sh .L. D. Mittal chairman was awarded the Pride of Country award by Chaudhary Prem Singh Speaker Delhi Vidhan Sabha. ‘Udyog Bhushan’ was given to Sh.Deepak Mittal , Managing Director, and Gold medal for good production of tractors was given to Sh .A.S. Mittal , Vice Chairman. These awards have been instituted by “Society of Industry and Business Achievements” and were awarded in the presence of large group comprising of Business and industry magnates of the country.

Sonalika Agro, another member of the Sonalika group, was established in 1971 to support the Indian farmers with mechanization technology to facilitate persistence of green revolution. Today, the company is supporting the farmers with world class farming equipment to ease the process of making the Green Revolution well. This plant is equipped with advanced technology to develop, manufacture and test the modern product for the modern farmers.

The company has a wide range of farm equipment and implement to facilitate the farmers in all kind of farming activities. It has a large dealer networks spread all over the country and have approximately 80% share in the Indian market of farm machinery. Its products are also exported to Asian & African counties through various export promotion counsels. Sonalika Agriculture Corporation manufactures the following implements.

  1.  Multi-Crop Threshers.
  2.  Automatic Cutters (CARAMBA).
  3.  Paddy Thresher.
  4. ¬†Seed cum ‚ÄďFertilizer Drill.
  5.  Maize Sheller.
  6.  Potato planer.
  7.  Reaper.
  8.  Combine Harvester.

Sonalika Three wheeler, another flagship of Sonalika Group, is in marking of three wheelers under the brand name of Sonalika. Sonalika Three Wheeler is engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing three-wheeler for rural & urbanities of India. Three Wheeler is on the way to develop the CNG/LPG as well fuel cell three wheelers
Sonalika Three Wheelers are mainly of two types with different variants, which are:

  1.  Sonalika D450 Three Wheelers.
    Sonalika D750 Three Wheelers.

Different variants available in these are:

  1.  Drive Away Chassis
  2.  Delivery Van
  3.  Pick up Van
  4.  Passenger deluxe
  5.  Pickup Standard

Now Sonalika Group consists of 4 Companies:

  1.  Sonalika Agriculture Corporation.
  2.  International Tractors Limited.
  3.  International Cars & Motors Limited.
  4.  Sonalika Three Wheelers.


International Tractor Limited, the second flagship of Sonalika Group, was Incorporated on October 17, 1995, for the manufacture of Tractor and has Since then built a distinct position for itself in the Tractor industry.ITL is Manufacturing various Tractor of Sonalika brand between 30 H.P. to 75H.P. and CEREs brand between 60 H.P.to 90 H.P. for export. ITL is also the first Tractor manufacturers in the country to produce 50 H.P. and 60 H.P.

A tractor fitted with diesel engines. Sonalika group under the stewardship of Shri L.D.Mittal has made rapid strides within a short span of 14 years. It has not only made its presence felt in the tractor industry but has made in-roads into the market share of popular brands. ITL’s market share increased to11% (Approx) as on 31.03.2006.The company maintained position in top five in the tractor industry in terms of volume and market share. It surpassed Eicher, H.M.T, John Deere, New Holland and Escorts (Multinationals having long International standing).Today Sonalika group’s international Tractor Limited has become the fastest growing tractor company in the world.

Because of their maximum pulling power, minimum fuel consumption and Emission, the Tractors manufactured by ITL have secured a reputation for performance, quality, and reliability in the market. All this makes International Tractor Limited (ITL), the fifth largest tractor selling company in India and the Number one Company in Nepal. These tractors are also export to various others Counties like France, South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Shri Lanka, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

The Manufacturing process, Quality Control System and Research & Development facilities at ITL are certified with ISO: 9001:2000 by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. It is also the first Tractor manufacturing and second such Company in the Country to be accredited with ISO 14001. ITL is one of the first few companies to have Implemented modern and sophisticated Production Data Management system-SAP way back in 2001.All this comes because of the fact that the company has world-class R&D Facilities, maintaining controls and system of International Standards and Environmental norms.

All the models of tractor manufactured by ITL are tested & approved by Central Farm Machinery and Tractor Training & Testing Institute, Bundi (MP) India, which is authorized for issuing test report by Government of India. ITL also manufactured In-House Diesel Engine meeting Bharat III norms for Smoke and Mass Emission. These Engines have been approved by U.S. Environment Protection Agency, Washington D.C. The company has also increased its production of Diesel Engine up to 100 Engines a day.

In July 2000, ITL went into collaboration with Renault Agriculture of France, the largest tractor manufacturing Company in Europe and was one of the 30 largest Companies of the
World, for the production of Ceres & Solis tractors under the brand name ‘Sonalika’. Renault Agriculture is the largest tractor manufacturing Company in Europe. It produces tractors in the range of 50 H.P. to 250 H.P. having worldwide distribution and sales network.

International Tractors Limited also has collaborated with US$ 2 billion Yanmar Group, Japan‚Äės leading tractor manufacturer, with a 12% stake held by it. Yanmar is a diversified group with interests in tractors, agricultural equipment, industrial engine, industrial equipment and marine engines.

International Tractor Limited got I.T.I.D. (Institute of trade & industrial Development) Quality Excellence Award in 2002. The Government of India had also awarded “.The Best Quality Award “to Sonalika Tractors. Every tractor, manufactured at Sonalika’s ultra-modern Plant at Hoshiarpur, is an example of unmatched workmanship. At every stage of production, expert keep a constant eye on every small manufacturing details to ensure faultless quality control, by applying the most stringent international quality -check standard to produced tractors that are almost unbeatable in their category even in World Market. Each part of every tractor is tested for the operational excellence at the Hoshiarpur plant.

At present International Tractors Limited is manufacturing mainly 3 category SONALIKA , SONALIKA RX , SONALIKA WORLD TRACK and these 3 categories of tractors are divided into submodels

Baagban DI 30 4 strokes,2 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 30 H.P.
DI 730 II 4 stroke ,2 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 32 H.P.
DI 35 II 4 stroke ,2 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 32 H.P.
DI 734 4 strokes 3 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 34 H.P.
DI 740 Simpson 4 stroke ,3 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, Side gear, OHV Diesel engine , 42H.P.
DI 745 III POWER + 4 stroke ,3 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, Side gear OHV Diesel engine , 47H.P.
DI-60 Mileage Master
(Potato Special) 4 stroke ,3 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 47 H.P.
DI -60 Rx (Agriculture special)
TURBO 4 stroke ,3 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 60H.P.
DI-60 (Commercial Special ) 4 stroke ,3 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 60 H.P.
DI -750 III 4 stroke ,4 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 55H.P.
DI-75 4 stroke ,4 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 75 H.P.
DI -90 4X4 4 strokes,4 Cylinder ,Direct Injection ,Forced Water Cooled, Single Clutch, OHV Diesel engine , 90 H.P. ,Turbo Charger


Quality Assurance activity in ITL is an MIS function to audit and report the quality status of both, product as well as quality assurance within the plant. ITL considers vendors as an extension of its own manufacturing operations. Hence, the quality assurance audits are not limited to just received components quality at ITL receipt inspection stage but extend to the audit of conformance to prescribed quality assurance systems at vendor end also.


  • ¬†To reduce rejection and achieve better quality standards.
  • ¬†To achieve consistency in quality.

Quality, which has no compromise, is essential for every industry to stay affirm in today’s competitive world. My project is long-term planning of every industry. Each industry feels to upgrade its position and vendors are integrated part of it. Quality improvement at Vendor’s end means overall improvement in the company’s graduation. With the high quality of components from vendors, a major goal of improvement can be achieved.


The Assembly at SONALIKA DIVISION deals with the assembly of tractors model DI 730 II, DI 35 II, DI 730 II, DI 745 III, DI 60 (Mileage Master), DI 60 RX, DI 750, etc.
Assembly is the joining of various constituents to form a final product. The assembly process is carried out on the main line, which has various subassemblies along its length.

Assembly shop can be divided into two main areas:-

  • ¬†Before the paint area
  • ¬†After the paint area


The areas before painting can further be divided into subassemblies/loops namely:

  1.  Differential loop
  2.  Gearbox loop
  3.  Rear cover loop


  1.  Differential casting is mounting on the trolley after washing.
  2.  Bull pinion shaft left and right fitted.
  3.  Cage assembly fitted. It consists of:
  4.  Crown wheel
  5.  Tail pinion assembly
  6.  Roller bearing
  7.  Bevel wheels.
  8.  PTO shaft fitted.
  9.  Rear axle trumpet is fitted.
  10.  PTO shifter assembly fitted.
  11.  Gearbox assembly is fitted.
  12.  Rear cover assembly fitted.
  13.  Brakes are fitted.
  14.  Parking brake.
  15.  Suction pipe.
  16.  PTO covers.
  17.  A trailer hook is fitted.
  18.  The angle bracket is fitted.
  19.  Rocket link is fitted.
  20.  Footboard is fitted.
  21.  The clutch pedal is fitted.



If an axle is a single unit and the wheels are free on the axle that is just moving on the bearings, as is the case of tractor front axle, the wheels will turn at different speeds to compensate for the difference in travel. However when the wheel is driven positively by the engine, a device is necessary which can make the wheels move at different speeds on turns, whereas the speed of both the wheels should remain equal when the tractor is following a straight path. To accomplish this purpose a system of gears called ‚Äúdifferential system‚ÄĚ is provided. Thus the differential has two functions:

  1.  On straight travel it allows both the rear wheels of the tractor to get equal power.
  2.  On turns, it allows the inner wheel to move slower than the outer wheels.

As far as transmitting of power at a right angle to propeller shaft is concerned drive pinion is coupled to transmission shaft with the help of flange. This pinion drives the crown wheel as such the power is now available at a right angle to drive shaft and tractor can move forward and backward as per requirement.


The engine drives the crown wheel mounted on the cage assembly through tail pinion. Four bevel pinions are mounted on the splined bull pinion shafts lt. and rt. which are supported on the taper roller bearings in the differential housing. These taper roller bearings give rigid support to cage assembly. The differential system is very useful in the automobiles. This help in turning the vehicle.

As already discussed the above cases that how the vehicle differential works while the vehicle is taking a turn. During the turning the inner speed of the wheel reduces, and the outer wheel moves faster than the inner wheels. The differential on the vehicle distributes the power between the two wheels by giving the less power to the inner wheel than the outer one & the vehicle moves easily. The steering system is used for the turning of the vehicle on the cross, which is fitted in the cage assembly.

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