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It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world

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Some people agree with this. They say that it is impossible to live our lives as Jesus taught, and be free from sin. They say that today materialism is more important to people than religion. They support this by speaking of the decline in the number of Christians going to any sort of religious service nowadays. They outline how big of a problem drugs are in today’s society and say that people don’t listen to the teachings of Jesus anymore.

A prime example used to show that being a true disciple is not possible in this modern age is the Northern Ireland situation. They comment on how Christians are fighting with other Christians, and how it is impossible for victims of the ‘Troubles’ to be forgiving to the people who harmed them or killed their friends and family members. As well as this they speak of how discipleship is not in practice, using the Holy Cross issue as an exemplar. The Holy Cross problem shows how Christians are divided and the unwillingness from both sides to get along with each other.

Another example of un-Christian behaviour in Northern Ireland is the punishment beatings that go on. The need for this shows that it is impossible to be a true Christian Today.

Others disagree and ask what is a ‘true’ Disciple. They say that a true Disciple is someone who compares to the original Twelve, and the Twelve were not perfect. If a true disciple is one who is like one of the Twelve, one who tries his best to be a good disciple then it is possible to be true disciple nowadays.

Examples of true discipleship today are shown when people be charitable, this is shown by the success of charities such as St Vincent de Paul. Working hard for peace is also discipleship, displayed by the successful acceptance of the Good Friday Agreement by people in Northern Ireland.

A prime example of true discipleship shown recently was the act carried out by the partner of murdered postman Daniel Mc Colgan. When it would have been so easy for her to be bitter and want revenge for the murder of her daughter’s father she showed true discipleship by making a plea for no retaliation from Nationalists.

I think it is possible to be a true disciple in this era because to me discipleship means trying hard to do what is right, and to correct what is wrong. This happens in everyday life whether people actively think about doing it or not.

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