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No Respect For Teachers

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Several professions today don’t earn the respect that they should from individuals. The most concerned group of professionals I believe that don’t earn the respect that they should, would be teachers.

Students in many grade levels, especially elementary students, haven’t gained the maturity level to understand how important education is. Anxious children aren’t able to sit for a long period of time, which causes the teachers to talk to them. When students seem there isn’t a problem, their behavior changes toward the teacher.

Children not receiving enough attention in their homes are most likely to give teachers a hard time. They tend to interrupt the teacher and act like a class clown. These students are always the ones to be spoken to after class. When the student and teacher discuss the issue the child is always quick to apologize.

Peer pressure is an issue in junior high and high school students. When two or more friends get together they get too interested with their outside worlds other than education. They are tempted to talk in class, or may even skip classes, which disrespects the teachers.

Some teachers don’t have strict rules, and allow students to talk with friends during class. When a student goes to a new teacher or class, they have been adjusted to being able to talk and pass notes, or whatever it is that they do to interact with their friends. This situation is mostly teachers disrespecting teachers.

Parents are another main role why teachers don’t get the respect that they should. When teachers try to talk with parents about their child’s behavior, some parents disagree and try to argue with the teacher. When parents talk with their children about school, and what they did in class, it helps the children appreciate school more.

Teacher should get the same respect as parents, because they are like a second parent. Other than parents children spend most of their time with their teachers. They don’t only educate students about Math, English, Science, and History, the also teach them about life and what’s important to know in the future. Another thing they teach about life is discipline. Discipline is also useful in the future, because you don’t always get in trouble with parents and teachers. When students reach adulthood, they are on their own, and teachers try to educate them before they reach that stage.

If student and parents want respect from teacher, they need to learn to respect them by following directions and communicating. Teachers have lives to and it will make their life much easier if they can go home without having to worry about the next class day they will deal with the students that are disrespectful.

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