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National Bank of Abu Dhabi

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NBAD is the initial national bank which was opened in Dec 1968 by H.H. late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. NBAD issued their initial sheet of balance in Bahrain Dinars because AED currency not introduced yet till 1973. NBAD has mirrored the UAE’s progress and expansion especially Abu Dhabi emirate. NBAD is categorized as the largest financial organizations within the region of Middle East and North Africa. As a result the diversity of the workforce in term of nationalities calculated around 62 within several financial markets around the above-mentioned region. That actually is assisting the NBAD to maintain the diverse needs of their consumers in financial market. As subsequent, NBAD industrialized from the range of traditional banks category to be one of the universal banks that is attentive and maintainable among 6 lines of business models that constructed upon NBAD’s essential competencies as shown below (Table.1). The model resulted with benefits that NBAD gained while causative meaningfully to the sturdy development of Abu Dhabi economy (NBAD, 2009).

In addition, NBAD is categorized in UAE as bank number one, recorded on the Exchange of Abu Dhabi Securities with NBAD as code of stock. NBAD ranked within the world equally one of higher fifty safest banks. NBAD owned 450 and extra of ATMs in favor to offer the consumers with desirable service of banking over UAE. NBAD offers an access for Internet banking for 24 hours through NbadDirect and NbadOnline, the (Arrow) service of SMS-based imbursement as well as an access for account and personalized consumer support within the NBAD’s call center, which is available for 24 hours (MENANN.2011). NBAD’s Organization Structure

Table.1 (NBAD, 2009)
NBAD’s Stakeholders, Material Issues, & Priority Focus Areas

Table.2 (NBAD, 2009)
NBAD‘s System Change

Actually, NBAD recognized that, the alteration should be introduced and implemented; especially because of their commitment which is focused on building and serving the Abu Dhabi economy. Currently, NBAD aligning their strategy aims with the Government of Abu Dhabi Economic vision 2023 that created on a basis of sustainability values (NBAD, 2009).

Consequently, to maintain their commitment in regard of the sustainability, NBAD has functioned their overseas essential banking beside the treasury of overseas system for more than 20 years with Misys. Thus, to develop their business of syndicated loans; NBAD again sought the help of Misys because of the trusted relationship as a partner (NBAD. 2012).

NBAD has introduced Misys loan IQ in favor of transforming the system of paper-based to the solution that could be automated (Al Mashni, 2011). The processing of back office for the loans of syndicate was mostly physical. The used technology was consisted of heritage main platform of banking, that wasn’t entirely committed the platform of syndicated lending. The workforce was deploying the worksheets that are essential to record their payment schedule beside the loan. Much of information needed through the unit was separate within the NBAD, while there wasn’t particular system which apprehended the whole syndication profile (NBAD. 2012). The novel loan system sustains to increase traction throughout the industry of financial services within Africa and Middle East. Moreover, Misys loan IQ enables major cost redeemable of up around 40 percent among the contribution of the system and enlarged straight-through administering in lending of syndicated.

Furthermore, Misys loan IQ permits NBAD to rationalize multiple areas of business including risk control, portfolio organization and compliance. Thus, NBAD is capable to rationalize workflow, raise the efficiencies of the loan administering, and eliminate the time of turnaround for the NBAD’s business of lending. The Sales Manager, Michel Daenen, says, “Misys loan IQ is assisting NBAD with control process, efficiently administer and optimize and grow the NBAD’s commercial business of lending from single stage, resultant in inimitable straight across processing resolution”. Misys Loan IQ is planned to maximize the business of organization’s profitable lending nowadays and later, because Misys processes with the capabilities of many branches, several currencies and vigorous, functional and commerce loaning workflows (Al Mashni, 2011).

Consequences of using Misys Loan IQ
* Capability to grow the volume of business about 100-200% deprived of any necessity for additional investment. * Using the system and removing the spreadsheets of excel and paper. * Consumer data centralization, eliminating the data entrance risk and duplication. * Overall the NBAD eliminated the costs of operation and reduced the risk and keeps away from increasing their headcount of the existing staff. NBAD has the capacity to cater to the business with abundant higher capacity (NBAD, 2009).

Critical Successful Factors those lead the change

Leadership| Technology| Communication| Training| Employee Satisfaction| Establish a strategy and vision; while the leader must make an optimistic vision of the change that sets the group place in favor of discover the coming opportunities and future hopes.The consideration should be directed towards the long-term outcomes instead of the gains of short term.| Technologies repeatedly require the organization to progress during the change.Integration of technological modification is central for considering the possible interchange among permanent involvements in order to inspire the new technologies development.| Communicate the importance of the change and enquire for it. That let the group to be comfortable and familiar with the change.Motivate the followers and communicate them about the change’s importance, novel vision and the creation on the plan. Thus the right usage of every resource to discuss.| Leaders must practice their trustworthiness to the process of change policies, which doesn’t fit anymore with novel vision. Thus the leaders must train the existing and new individuals to promote their qualification to obtain the change.Training can improve the thinking level of a group. | Leadership styles within the change tend to be additional satisfactory to employees and affect the job of employee gratification stage and innovativeness.The consideration of individualized, let the leader extravagances followers as persons nonetheless all preserved equitably.

(Dr.Al Khaffaf, 2012)

* Communication Aspect

The communication is considered as one of the critical successful factors which had led to a successful change with NBAD’s loan system. Communication consider as two manners procedure in that there is a thought exchange, writing, opinion, information via speech, or ciphers towards a jointly accepted outcome or aim (MITRE, 2012). The internal communication occurs among the departments and employees across the whole organization’s divisions or levels. The interior communication is business communications form beside able to be informal or formal, downward, horizontal, or upward. The communication takes several forms as interviewing, work or staff councils, memos, meetings, team briefing, reports, and the grapevine. Actually, according to NBAD’s internal communication there are several purposes such as involving, anchoring, consulting, changing, and creating awareness (Hagemann, 2010).

Furthermore, there is a meaning for any internal communication that occurred within NBAD’s modification in building the culture of organizational block. The culture of the organization is the association’s environment that is based on the association’s duty, value, and the processes of job. Once each of the organization’s associates embraces the similar values, comprehends the procedures and policies of the work in similar manner, and is attentive on the consistent duty, the NBAD promotes its culture much more operative resources usage then under an atmosphere which is more disperse in its clarification (CIVICUS, 2001).

Communication of the Change Vision

The Information technology Project Manager, Mr. Jawaid Hussain, explained “NBAD desired to own a climbable competence to grip higher volumes of business to support the needs of raising the business” (NBAD. 2012). Fundamentally, once NBAD has introduced Loan IQ they constructed their communication based on some principles which are designed as communication strategy for the alteration, shown as the following (Warrilow, 2010):

* The Message Clarity, make sure that the message is recognized and relevant to the modification of loan system. * The message resonance, the expressive manner and the message transmission. * Precise targeting, reach the precise people through accurate message. * Schedule the timing; attain the message within targeted time. * Response process, confirm genuine 2 manners of communication.

Loan IQ built expending adaptable limits; Loan IQ has the suppleness to account for diverse market beside circumstances of consumer without demanding to reconstruct the scheme. Mr. Hemant Kothari, Head of Business Change & Projects, adds “the loan modification had to be prepared with interface to the system of the bank, such as every bank that has dissimilar interface necessities” (NBAD. 2012). NBAD look ahead, after the implementation that had been achieved successfully within a period that is scheduled for less than a year, to sustain the efforts with the staff of the bank to confirm that they remain at the top of banking industry region (MENANN.2011).

Communication’s effectiveness within Organizational Change

Once the alert of change take place within the organization that means the period of communication starts. The effectiveness of communication is very essential during the organizational modification. The communication consists of strategy that should be followed to authorize the target of modification with desired achievement.

The internal communication effectively benefits the transformation scenario within the organization, in regard to reducing the tension and the resistance that could be elevated among the staff. Thus, as NBAD communicate efficiently their interior stakeholders, executives or staff or volunteers, the organization progresses a unified atmosphere that assist everyone to concentrate on similar targets and own similar objectives (CIVICUS, 2001). Thus, NBAD beside Misys both controlled closely in favor of predict the hazards and concerns that could possible impact the sachem. After that they established a strategy of implementation considering those aspects they incorporated into a plan (NBAD. 2012). Among functioning together, they became more efficient within their tasks and cooperated effectively. As a consequence, the bank achieved some certain success within their internal communication during the modification process, as mentioned below (CIVICUS, 2001).

* Workforce is able to make some extra decisions when the required knowledge and tools are available to maintain certain right decision that aligned with the objectives of the organization. Their ability in identifying the organization’s mission, procedures, and objectives, is providing them with an escalation in the effort & efficiency and differentiation sense.

* Passing over more information and resources over the organization resulted in fewer work replica and sturdier influence on entire organization (CIVICUS, 2001). That what exactly happened with bank “NBAD” beside the partnership “Misys” (NBAD. 2012).

* The conflict of everyday was able to be eliminated, while the raising of conflicts were because the ideas are conflicting in regard on deciding what is the most superior to the organization (CIVICUS, 2001).

Consequently, internal communication effectiveness is able to direct towards creating the atmosphere of organization where the workforce work mutually successful towards a shared goal. On the other hand, in order for the internal communication to be effective, the organization must not fail to plan their communication’s strategy. While, internal communication is mainly either partial or random, and in the case prearrangement, it tends to merely designate prearrangements in response to specific proceedings. However, the internal communication effectiveness is prearranged to deal with precise issues, as well as for the organization extension period of wellbeing. Thus, there are some certain principles for effective internal communication to take care about them especially once creating the organization strategic plan of internal communication, shown as following (CIVICUS, 2001):

* Develop an extended period of focus.
* Identify the organization’s unblemished vision.
* Define the certain objectives for the organization’s strategy of internal communication.
*Use inclusive, pervasive manners.
* The consistency within the messages of organization.

As well, the emotional intelligence is considered as an essential key that should be obtainable within the internal communication. Also, the manner that should be applied of emotional intelligence is very important to gain the advantages of using it to confirm the effectiveness of the communications. In addition, the requirements of the workforce are extremely significant to be considered and comprehend. Thus the communication should be prearranged well in order to be directed to the targeted audience. Also, determining the way of using the emotional intelligence is able to affect the response of the workforce beside their perceptions and assist the organization to attain its objectives. Actually, the identification and the practice that pertain the skills of emotional intelligence to the organization should be placed to communicate the necessity of the transformation scenario via devising a plan to tackle the communication of the change (MTM Communication Skills Training, 2010).

Kalba Branch Manager, Fatma Al Sowaidy, said “Within NBAD, there is a power that rises distinctively from being a female, where as a female we own sensitive and an emotional capability that could be observed once conducting the matters. Within the current world of business, the emotional intelligence is extremely vital and mandatory in several jobs at senior level. It’s in regard of being nearby to people, sympathizing their desires, and assisting besides motivating them to grasp their potential” (NBAD, 2009). (NBAD, 2013)

(NBAD, 2013)

* Conclusion

The transformation is vital for any organization to sustain for a long term. While, the technologies are booming in daily basis and rapidly, thus the modification is required for the organization’s mandatory developing which is supported through the technology. Hence, NBAD support their sustainability once it introduced Misys Loan IQ that affords occupied straight across processing competences for two-sided loans to extremely organized syndicated contracts, on several coinage, several time zone, and several platform of branch (NBAD, 2012). The main reason for the transformation is abandoning a system of paper-basis and adapting a system which allows the solution to be automated (Al Mashni, 2011).

Nonetheless, also the requirements of the consumers motivated NBAD to introduce the change in purpose of escalation the automation within the loan administering to eliminate the errors of users, enhance the efficiencies, and eliminate the over dependence on key single to physically crop identifications on an actual time origin. Thus, the change to be successful and draw a valuable beneficial to the organization, while that couldn’t be achieved without some certain and successful critical factors such as leadership, technology, communication, training, and employees satisfaction. Moreover, the communication has been demonstrated as the main aspect that designed as one of the critical success factors. The internal communication is considered as a dominant means for any organization. The effectiveness of the internal communication has enabled NBAD to support the strategy of future business via Misys Loan IQ and sustain as the market leader. On the other hand, the consumers of NBAD receive advantages from enhancing the service of consumer, with quicker communication those intraday and standardized patterns for reports with eliminated rate of errors (NBAD. 2012).


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