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Narrative Writing

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I woke up at around six in the morning feeling very excited. I felt fresh after having a bath and brushing my teeth. My dad helped me pack my brand new school bag. I was eager to try it on, so immediately after we finished packing the bag, I got it on with my dads help. Then I walked around the house asking everybody how I looked with my brand new school bag. My mom called me for breakfast but I wasn’t used to eating so early but I knew I would have to get used to it. The school bus arrives at 7:30 in the morning and I didn’t want to be late the very first day!

Some what to my disappointment my mom said she would take my brothers and me by taxi to school, since it was the first day. I was so excited to go to school and I made everyone quicken their pace and we ended up getting there 15 minutes early the school actually starts at 8:00 am. Once there, my mother gave all three of us brothers a big hug and a kiss and asked my elder brothers to take good care of me. Before the school started my brothers took me around the school and gave me some essential tips on how to pass a school day.

So I went to my first class with advice from two of the people I admired the most, and was confident that all things would go well. As I walked into the class room, I could tell that all the students were also new because half the class was crying and the room was in chaos. I was shown to my place. It was right at the back of the class and since there were many children, there weren’t enough desks. So I ended up sitting on a chair with no desk. When I had to write, I had to lean the book on a chair in front of me. I really did not enjoy that very much.

People were surprised to see that I wasn’t crying even though it was my first day at school. They didn’t understand that for as long I could remember, my elder brothers whom I adored were going to this place called ‘school’ and I was so eager to join them. So why should I be crying when at last I have gone to the ‘school’ I have heard so much of? At break time, the Principal who looked more like a grandma dressed in white, came up to me and asked me how things were going I was so scared I just ran away without speaking.

I found my brothers class room and soon I was with my brother as he introduced his friends to me. The bell rang and I went to class, but I missed my brother and was feeling lonely. So as soon as the teacher looked the other way, I sneaked out of the class room and went straight to my brother’s class! I went up to him and sat next to him. The teacher came up to me and told me to go back to my class room, but I was so scared. I held on to my brother as tightly as I could.

My brother was getting embarrassed and asked me to leave too, but I still wouldn’t, so with the help of a stick, the teacher forced me back to my class room. In less than 5 minutes however, I was out and back in my brother’s class. This happened a few times and I couldn’t understand why the teacher wouldn’t let me be with my brother. At Lunch time I was called to the Principals office and she told me she had phoned home and my father was going to come and pick me up and therefore I was to stay in my class oom.

Knowing my father wouldn’t be home at this time, I did the most outrageous thing. I called her a liar and ran out. The rest of the day turned out to be more or less uneventful. School ended and I had to go home on the bus. My brothers came on a different bus as for them school ended later. That evening when I was on the bus home, I slept almost all the way. When I woke up I was at the stop before mine and, afraid that I would sleep again and miss my stop, I got of right there and ran home.

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