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My Sister

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My sister Danielle is one of the funniest people I know. She always cracks me up with her witty jokes. She’s two 2 years older then me but doesn’t always treat me like a constant annoyance like you might expect of sisters our age. Danielle has big, dark brown eyes and dyed black hair, shaped into a long bob. She has pale skin with small, red lips and a small, pointy nose. When I was younger she was my idol and we were more or less best friends. We’ve always been relatively close and stuck up for each other when people have been nasty. Danielle is very funny and witty.

She’s really clever but not very confident, although she’s always been determined. One of the best and funniest times I’ve had with Danielle is probably when we were younger. Once she was cleaning up in the lounge and my mum had just changed my little sisters nappy, a bit of poop had fallen out and Danielle thought that it was a Malteser so she licked it! Or another time was when we used to play with my mums make up and go through her stuff, I’ll never forget watching Danielle parading round in a bra stuffed with socks wearing brown sunglasses!

One of my most vivid memories with her though was when I was about four and we got up really early when everyone was still asleep and she took one of my mums boiled sweets, then we went back into our bunk beds. She was on the top bunk and we were chatting and leaning over the side, she was talking so much that she dropped the sweet from her mouth and it landed in my hair. It got stuck and she first tried to pull it out, which really hurt! Then she took me into the bathroom and ran water over it to get it unstuck, then after she ran out of ideas she got some scissors and cut like one side of hair from my head off!

I’ll never forget it because I had to get a boys haircut and I was called “Jake hair” everyday by my brother, sister and most people until my hair grew back. Also when I was about three I remember my sister calling me into the bathroom. She’d just been on the toilet and she said her poop looked weird and asked me to see if it was ok. i thought she just meant look at it but she made me touch it! I was little so didn’t really understand it was that bad but all my sister did was laugh at me. When me and my sister were playing once I also recall us jumping off a wardrobe onto a bed and breaking the bed!

My fondest memory of my sister though is the time we had an Au pair called ‘Jana’. She was very bad with children and she decided to lock Danielle in mine and Danielle’s bedroom. She wouldn’t let me open the door to let Danielle out so Danielle climbed out the window, (the house was a bungalow) and came in through one of the doors, I can’t fully remember how but we lured Jana outside before she had noticed Danielle and we locked her out of the house! Although there have been many good times with Danielle there have been a lot of bad too.

For instance, our fights and arguments; we seem to fight a lot and it does get physical in most of our arguments. I usually get to scared to hit her but the too worst arguments where iv hurt her are when I was about 7 and she started throwing things at me so I threw some back. She threw a toy at me so I pick up my old diary and threw it at her. I didn’t think it would hit her or hurt her but it hit her very hard and the corners had thin metal bits on them, one of which hit Danielle right in the head.

Her head started bleeding where it hit her and she started screaming. The worst row we’ve ever had though is one time when she wouldn’t get out of our room when I wanted to get dressed. She was in the doorway arguing with me and I snapped. I shoved her and she fell across the landing and hit the doorframe really hard then fell halfway down the stairs. I didn’t mean to really hurt her but she had to go to A & E because her head was so swollen. The time when we had the most arguments though was when she underwent a big knee operation and couldn’t do too much.

I had to help her get things and she couldn’t clean up after herself very well but worst of all she kept deliberately running over my feet with her wheel chair in the middle of Asda! Or in similar circumstance when she came off her scooter and broke her collar bone and hurt her knee. Whenever she was asked to do something she would play the “I’m too hurt” card so I had to do loads of errands! Danielle wasn’t very good at making friends so when I started school she hung round with me in the playground a lot and I thought it was really cool that I had a friend who was older then me.

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