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My Most Frightening Experience

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It was a Saturday evening and my best friend Ria had come over to my place for a sleep over. After dinner the two of us went to my room to watch a new show that was being aired – ‘The Haunted’. The show was about some of the most famous haunted houses which were visited by their crew. In their first episode they visited a haunted house where every night the inhabitants could hear the sounds of people walking around, things being moved, noises of anklets, and sometimes they could even sense someone walking past them in their very room or actually find things moved from their original places. The show was pretty scary and by the end of it both of us were at our nerves end. After the show was over we decided it was best to be off to bed and not discuss the program.

I was too scared to be able to sleep quickly. It was almost half an hour later when I was still lying awake that I heard a faint noise of anklets. I immediately dismissed it as my mind’s trick – it was because I was scared that I was hearing things. It was then that Ria asked me in a hushed voice if I could hear the sound as well or not. I knew that both of us could not hear the same sound if it was not for real. We were staring at each other in the dark, terrified and unable to move as the sound of the anklets came closer. We covered ourselves with the blanket and held on to each other with our eyes closed shut. The sound of the anklets was now exactly outside our room, separated from us only by the door. Two seconds later we heard the door creak open as we held our breaths – too scared to even breathe. We could now feel someone moving around in the room, moving things. After what seemed like an eternity we heard the familiar sound of the door open and then heard the sound of the anklets retracing back to the hallway downstairs.

We couldn’t sleep the entire night and was glad to go down to the breakfast table in the morning and sit with my parents there. As we were sitting there I suddenly heard the familiar sound of the anklets behind me. I looked at Ria and could see my fear reflect in her eyes. I was about to scream when our maid appeared beside me and placed our cereal bowls on the table. As she walked back I looked at her feet and saw her anklets. At that point I did not know whether to laugh or cry. As it turned out she had gone to our room at night to get our milk glasses as she does every night .

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