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Movie ‘Three Idiots’

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1.The Movie Three Idiots is a very wonderful and entertaining film, and learning lot of lessons and things just like courage, importance to the people you love and passion. This is a great choice of film for us students because this is a good example in striving better in learning. So we, students should strive better in learning in order to graduate and have a degree. The Director made an epic and great movie that made every viewer touch one’s heart, he did a great movie, Good Job. J The 3 Idiots which are Rancho, Raju and Farhan made a great role in the story.

2.A very wonderful movie, “Three Idiots” that is about the engineering students in the Imperial College of Engineering whose friendship will last forever. As Farhan and Raju search for their missing friend Rancho, they bring back the past when they share a room, and their friend, Rancho become a subject to their violent Dean Virus by making theories that is opposite to the lesson of Dean Virus. Then, Rancho became the topnotcher in their exam. In the present day, Farhan and Raju revealed some facts about Rancho that made them to find out and investigate everything that they are conscious with.

Rancho: Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down. Fahran is a freshman in the Imperial College of Engineering. On his first night, he, together with his room mate, Raju, and the other freshmen were given ‘initiation rite’ by senior Engineering students and it was also the first time he saw an extraordinary student, Rancho, who was able to defy the seniors. Fahran felt trouble when it turned out that the guy is another room mate. Rancho, however, proved to be a very good friend, helpful and loyal. Despite Rancho’s obvious passion for Engineering and his sanguine nature, however, the school director considered him a bad influence to both Fahran and Raju. With his subjective treatment of students, the school director called the three of them the “Three Idiots.” But Rancho is far from being an idiot.

Year after year, he sits beside the school director during class pictorials signifying his position as the first in class, a fact which annoyed Chatur, another student who is good in memorization and who vowed to see Rancho again after 10 years, to find out who is the more successful engineer. Besides Chatur and the school director, Pia, a medical student and daughter of the school director himself, also felt malevolence towards Rancho, especially when he called her fiance an ass.

But after witnessing Rancho’s chivalric and selfless act of saving Raju’s father from death, her attitude and eventually her feelings for Rancho developed into something special. Rancho, though feeling something special for Pia could not reciprocate how she feels, a fact known to both Fahran and Raju. So, in one of their drinking sessions, the three idiots made a bet that if Rancho would be able to admit to Pia his true feelings, Fahran will pursue his love for photography and Raju will let go of his fears and face the world courageously. Rancho accepted the bet and on that catastrophic night, he was able to express his feelings to Pia

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