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Methods of designing websites

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It’s a method of designing websites for the process or the user request is run on the originating server which the Server side scripts provide an interface to the user and used to limit access to proprietary data and help keep control of the script source code Server side Scripting is used to create webpages (interfaces) which has the ability to complete the requests of the users and also respond to each user correctly. There are many popular server-side scripting languages found today. They are:•

• Java(JavaScript)

Difference between server sides:

Cost Free Free with windows NT ,cost for 3rd party software Free Language In Page Php VB Scripts, Script Java OS platform Unix [Linux]windows Mac OS Windows 9x,NT,Platform require 3rd party ASP porting products Unix, Microsoft windows, Mac OS,linux

Supported Webserver I-Planet /Netscape Enterprise server, MS Internet Information Server (IIS) Apache Zeus etc… IIS personal webserver other server with 3rd party products Any webserver including Apache Netscape and IIS Supported Database My SQL, MSQL, ODBC ORACLE, Informix, Sybase etc… Any ODBC compliant database Any ODBC and JDBC compliant Database

Portability Fair(DB portability) Fair Good Component support COM,Java Classes Components Java Beans, Enterprise Java Beans Learning curve High(c,perl) Medium VB script, Jscript High/java Brief description of above sever side scripting language:

Active Server Pages (ASP) is the first server-side script engine produced by Microsoft. ASP was programmed to send server-side scripting to the client’s browser, which will then be converted into a user-friendly and understandable format. With the help of ASP, Dynamic web pages can be created.

ASP.NET is a server-side scripting language by Microsoft which is open-source and used for web development. ASP.NET is a language that can be used to create dynamic web pages, web services and web applications.

• Java (JavaScript) Java Server Pages is a server-side scripting language which was introduced for software developers to build web pages using HTML and XML.

• JavaScript is a server-side scripting language which is object-oriented, dynamic and high leveled. Using Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is used to create webpages, by using JavaScript with bootstrap, you can put images slideshows, animations to the webpages.

• PHP PHP uses a mix of interpretation and compilation to provide the best combination of performance and flexibility for developers.

One great benefit of having interpreted code is that all of the memory used by the script is managed by PHP and automatically clear the language after each script is completed. This means that you do not have to worry about closing database links, releasing allocated memory to the images and so on because PHP will do it for you. This does not mean you should be lazy and make PHP do all the work – the good programmer will be clean and leave PHP functions as a backup in case something is lost.
Web Servers

Web Servers are servers which has the ability to process the commands which were requested from the server using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Web servers have the ability to store, do processes and send web pages to the client’s PC. There are many types of web servers, the most popular server is called Apache HTTP Server, Apache HTTP Server Apache HTTP Server is the most popular web server nowadays, Apache is a free and open-source software, and Apache is the most used web server in nowadays web sites.

Task 2: System Requirement Specification Particular Requirements should be fulfilled in order to make the website functional and to acquire the results from it. Without fulfilling these requirements, the website is not possible to work as these requirements are crucial, therefore necessary and needed to accomplish in order to make the website functional and to make it usable.

Hardware Requirements are requirements which show the Hardware components needed to run this web application, the specifications needed for the system how the performance would be according to the specifications etc. These are the hardware requirements needed for this website

• Monitor
• CPU (Around Core i3, 4GB RAM, 2GB VGA, 500GB Hard Disk)
• Keyboard
• Mouse

Software Requirements are requirements which show what are the software that are needed for the website
These are the software requirements needed for this website

• An OS (Windows 7,8,8.1, 10 or Android)
• Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera)

Input Requirements are requirement which show what are the inputs of the system, what are the information that should be entered These are the Input requirements needed for this website

• Login information to log in to the web site
• Registration information to register into the system
• Pressing the particular buttons to redirect to pages

Output Requirements are requirements which show what are the outputs of the system, what will be displayed in the system These are the output requirements needed for this website

• The particular pages will be displayed according to the buttons pressed on the navigation bar.
• If there is an error in the login information, the error should be displayed.
• If there is an error in the register information, the error should be displayed.
• Confirmation that the user is registered to the system.

Functional Requirements are requirements which show the functions that can be done using the website, what the website will display, the items that the website should contain etc. These are the functional requirements needed for this website.

• The Website should contain and display details about the Hotel.
• The Website shall have a gallery containing pictures of the Hotel.
• The Website shall have specific information about the range of attraction which can be found at the Hotel.
• The Website should contain a site map of the Hotel website.

Non-Functional Requirements are the requirements which show how the website should be displayed for its users and customers, etc.

• The Website should be easy to understand and easy to use.
• The Website should not be slowed when too many people are using it.
• The Website should be available with several languages in order to attract Hotel etc.
• The Website should be attractive so as it will attract customers to the Hotel.

These Requirements should be fulfilled to make the website efficient and successful. These Requirements are crucial as they are the basic requirements in preparing a website.


• Functionality Testing Functionality Testing is conducted to check whether the navigation of the web pages is working properly. It is also used to check the functionality of the web pages which are also linked to the main web page.

• Usability Testing Usability Testing is conducted to check whether the processes that are embedded to the website are functioning correctly. It is also used to check whether the buttons in the web pages and the links used in the webpages are properly functioning inside the website.

• Interface Testing Interface Testing is conducted to check whether the interfaces of the webpages are functioning properly. It is also conducted to check whether the interfaces of the web application are working efficiently and as expected.

• Compatibility Testing Compatibility Testing is conducted to check whether the web application is compatible in different browsers, different operating systems, different devices etc.

• Performance Testing Performance Testing is conducted to check whether the performance of the web application is as planned, and it also checks whether the web application slows down when too many users are using the web application.

• Security Testing Security Testing is conducted to check the security and the vulnerabilities of the web application. It is also used to check whether the data in the web application and also the confidential data of the users and customers are safe or not.

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