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Menara Mesiniaga by Ken Yeang

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Menara Mesiniaga, popularly known as the IBM tower, is in Kuala Lumpur. It is referred to as the bio-climatic building and is considered as an example of its own kind when practices and principles of bio-climatic skyscrapers are considered. The whole building is in incorporation with modern day offices along with attention given to environmental issues providing the building with natural lighting and ventilation. The existing environmental provisions of that area are used up into the functioning of the building. The main concept behind this building was not to use up the energy of the environment but also to give some energy back to it. Menara Mesiniaga is a 15storied building and its area is 12,345.69 square meters with spacious floors and also provision for further expansions. Sustainable Sites The building is surrounded by unplanned as well as very rich and luxurious places. The natural landscaping is simply great and in respect to community development there is sustainable amount of growth in that area.

The building controls the erosion and sedimentation in that area. The site selection is simply perfect and has easy access to famous and important local places and at the same time is situated in such a place where there are no tall buildings to hamper the bio-climatic features to work. Page: 2 As tall buildings are exposed to a great extent to heat, temperature and weather, the architect has taken the advantage of each and every thing while designing the building. The building has control over fresh air and the movement of air, full potential for natural ventilation, receives natural sunlight, has bio-climatic functioning throughout the building. The overall building orientation has been based on energy conservation aspect. It has easy access to public transportation because of the federal highway and the building has a sustainable view from it. The parking capacity of the building is in the basement where there is space for bicycle storage and changing rooms. The building beautifully protects and restores the open space according to the situation and circumstances.

As Menara Mesiniaga is situated in such a place that is not much crowded which helps the building to have complete access to environmental features. It is considered as the footprint in the development of bio-climatic skyscrapers. The water management is also done very uniquely and systematically and the rainwater gets stored in the underground and the same water is used up for various purposes and this system helps to keep the building cool too. The wastewater is also used up efficiently like the water that is drained after washing clothes or from the sink of the kitchen gets used up in toilets for flushing. This type of system of wastewater technology helps to reuse the water and thus lessens the water consumption up to at least 50%. The spiraling vertical landscape along with the system helps retain the rainwater and sore it in the underground tankers, which also serve as wind catchers and keeps the building cool. Page: 3 Energy and atmosphere The sieve like façade, which is organic and has random looks, allows or reduces the solar gain, which means the sunlight can be allowed to enter the building if needed or can be restricted too.

The fundamental building systems commissioning are centered on the idea of saving energy and atmosphere as well as providing more than sufficient space in the building. The green spiral is arranged in such a way that it starts from the base and goes up to the top in a circulating manner and seems as a garden in the sky. The energy performance is minimized rather the focus is that some of the energy is omitted instead of consumed. The plantation helps release oxygen, which helps in ozone depletion to some extent and the green power that is emitted through the plants helps in additional commissioning of renewable energy. The surroundings of Minara Mesiniaga also support to highlight the effect of the style and climatic performance. The serene spaciousness of the building is very well coordinated with the contact from the outside of Mesiniaga. The office arrangement is unique and systematic with upper management in the center surrounded by management and the general staff is located at the edges.

Usually the spiral view is provided to the upper management elsewhere but here the case is opposite. Artificial lighting is reduced due to natural lighting and ventilation too, which optimize energy performance. In Rethinking the Skyscraper, by Robert Powell, critic Charles Jencks discusses, a new synthesis for contemporary architecture that is responsible to the climate of a particular place and finds inspiration for a new architectural language from forces that are ultimately cosmic. Page: 4 Materials and resources The structural system is strengthened with additional concrete and the steel structure, which is used in the balconies and the mezzanine. Brickwork is used for internal fire protection, glazed panels for external covering from excess of sunlight and for internal partitioning gypsum board is used. The storage and collection of recyclable water is provided in the basement of the building where there are tankers that also act as wind checkers. The construction waste management divert from 50% to 75% and the specified resource that are reused are from 5% to 10%. The main structure of Menara mesiniaga that is exposed is the steel tubes and the office space is naturally ventilated. The building automated system controls energy features and can also be used to reduce the energy consumption.

The wood used is also certified ones so that there is no harm done to the environment for the completion of this project. Indoor environmental quality The entire building is provided with natural lighting and ventilation. Systems like carbon dioxide monitoring helps in keeping the account ratio of energy consumed to energy released, environmental tobacco smoke control helps reduce the effects of smoking on the environment. Construction IAQ management plan was considered after construction and before occupancy. Low emitting materials like adhesives and sealants, paints, carpet and composite wood are used so that the heat is reduced further. Permanent monitoring system is attached for thermal comfort and it complies with ASHREE 55- 1992. Due to natural lighting daylight is 75% and views is 90%. Page: 5 Innovation and design process The special organization of the building is quite strong office and the staircase and terrace are connected to each other in a specific way. Material life cycle costing is given quite importance by Ken Yeang in Menara Mesiniaga. The rainwater collection is on the top and the tankers are in the basement of the building, Yeang’s design principles involve ‘holistic consideration, of the sustainable use of energy and materials over the life cycle of a building “system”, from source of materials to their inevitable disposal and/ or subsequent recycling.

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