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Macbeth Work

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Ross and Angus tell Macbeth he has been given the title of Thane of Cawdor “As thick as hail Came post with post; and every one did bear Thy praises in his kingdom’s great defense, And pour’d them down before him.” This is important because this is the moment that Macbeth realizes that what the witches told him is becoming true. King Duncan is found dead.

“Had I but died an hour before this chance, I had liv’d a blessed time; for, from this instant There’s nothing serious in mortality” This is important because this is the moment where it becomes too late to turn back and Macbeth knows this and knows that he can no longer live a blessed life. Macbeth get paranoid about what Banquo might do and gets scared. “Then be thou jocund: ere the bat hath flown, His cloister’d flight, ere to black Hecate’s summons, The shard-borne beetle, with his drowsy hums, Hath rung night’s yawning peal, there shall be done, A deed of dreadful note.” This is important because it shows how Macbeth is changing dramatically and is planning to kill Banquo also. Reflection

Choose one of the events you added to your graphic organizer and think about why it is an important piece of the plot. Focus on the purpose it serves in the story. Consider how the story would change if that event was altered. Form your ideas into a reflection paragraph of at least five sentences. Make sure to include supporting evidence from the play in your reflection. Reflection: Duncan being murder is one of the most important pieces to the plot. The reason that this is so important to the plot is because this is the major turning point in the play for Macbeth. Without this piece of the plot Macbeth wouldn’t be the murderous ruler he becomes. If this event was altered I believe that this play would not exist. This event is what the entire play is based around and is why Macbeth is infamous.

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