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Living Billboard

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This living billboard absorbs approximately 46,800 lbs. of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is made with thousands of Fukien tea plants surrounding the iconic curvy shape of a silver Coke bottle.

This billboard absorbs air pollutants.

This is a very eye-catching billboard that can certainly grab the attention of people with a creative but simple visual. I also like the way how Coca Cola makes it eco-friendly in partnership with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). This billboard not only sells Coca cola itself, but also encourages people to appreciate and protect the environment. It was a very creative way of using a real plant on a huge billboard.

“Vaseline Road trip of a Lifetime”

This shows girls who’re enjoying their experiences travelling around the country, under the sun while being protected by Vaseline lotion.

Why were Ada, Hannah and Nikki confident enough to step out in the sun on this roadtrip?

I think that this ad is very interactive, because who among us doesn’t want a roadtrip with our friends, so with this people would be interested when they see what the contest is about and the benefit that they will get from it. So this will lead to high product awareness because you have to type Vaseline as an answer to win the contest.


• Cetaphil is a premium skin care line for different age groups. Instead of paper, the ad is printed on satin cloth to impress satin-like skin. This was the first time ever in local publications.

• Skin care is Cetaphil care.

• When i first saw this, It seemed to be an ordinary print ad. However, it was a satin cloth that helps readers feel a texture of real human’s skin.I was so surprised at a unique way of using a cloth for the print ad. It broke my stereotype, which all the print ads should be on the papers.


Panasonic Lumix ad Is trying to focus on the unique feature of having an image stabilizer. They are addressing the concern of consumers in having a blurry picture. They are also targeting adventurous people who want to capture their interests and achievements like the bikers.

• Man On Bike Radio ad (best Vocal Performance on Radio) • Person1: Eeeempty streeeet..Maaaan Onnn Biiicycle weariiiing siiiiilveeeer heeelmeeet tuuurning riiight. • Person 2: Switch to the Panasonic Lumix-S1 with optical image stabilizer. No shake for a clear picture.

• It was nice that the ad showed how hand and effective the product could be. I think the copy was not good. The one that attracted me was how it was done in a shaky voice, but what he said was really nonsense. You would wonder why the biker said that. Bikers do not naturally describe themselves while riding a bike. It was actually confusing in relation to whom was he talking.


• Basically this ad talks about different kinds of greases that is really difficult to wash/clean.

• Anomang klase ng sebo , saan mang dako ng plato tanggal lahat sa Joy.

For me this is a nice radio ad, because it tells the audiences that no matter how difficult it is to remove grease/sticky rice on a plate/pan all of that can be solved by Joy. It even used humor like naming some different kinds of greases, which I think all Filipinos can understand, because we are all used to inventing new words that can fit in with the description.

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