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Lemon or Calamansi Shoe Polish

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Raj Darvin Doble

1.) Lemon or Calamansi Shoe Polish. It is meant to solve a problem. It is thriftier to use it than a commercialized shoe polish. And making your own shoe polish might also come up as personal business. The question that the researcher will answer is: “Is Lemon or Calamansi Shoe Polish as good as the commercialized shoe polish?” 2.) The compositions of citric acid that helps in polishing are available on reference books. Studies like this have been conducted before. And we are going to conduct it again to see if it will have the same results. There will be some or little modifications in our study. The researchers want to study it for themselves and to prove that it will really work or the little modifications will be more efficient. 3.) On the researches conducted before, the former researches only have lemon juice and oil. In our research now, we will add charcoal, kerosene, and soap. We will try to prove if it will be better with these ingredients.

The research will be much better with these added ingredients. 4.) The researchers will conduct series of experiments about this project. The researchers will try to come up with positive results. And the researchers will test the research with certain variations. The results of the research in each variation are relevant information in this research. This will help the researcher to know the best combinations in making the project. 5.) Diagrams and essays will help the readers in understanding the gathered information of the researchers. This will help the readers, as well as the researchers, in having a deeper understanding of the research. The researchers will use trial and error in conducting this research. It will give the researchers the result of each variation in this project. 6.) The research will be conducted with things that are found inside our house. This only says that things can be made inside the house with proper precaution and proper research. The research will also give the readers of an idea of putting up business with this kind of homemade materials. 7.) Yes. It gives an implication that things can be made inside the house. And things can be made without spending a lot of money on things that could be made.

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