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Legally acquiring the zoning plots

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What’s your reaction to these events? Are you surprised that bribery is illegal? Why do you think bribery takes place? Why do you think it needs to be outlawed? My reaction to these events is no surprise. I have grown up knowing that most governments are sneaky and don’t reveal the whole truth of most events occurrences. I’m not surprised that bribery is illegal because it should be. There are justice systems in place for a reason. No matter what laws are there; however, bribery will always occur.

Bribery takes place because certain people or organization would like a specific, outcomes or result stemming from bribe, such as zoning permits, or an official to vote for company’s product. By outlawing bribery, everyone will be on the same playing field, and it would allow for better free enterprise. Research whether other countries outlaw bribery. Around 40 countries across the globe outlaw bribery, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. We’ve said it’s important for managers to be aware of external environment forces, especially in global settings. Discuss this statements in light of the events described.

External environment forces such as negative publicity need to counter with positivity around and in the workplace. With the negative press of allegations of bribery spreads around by every major news site, a manager needs to keep the employees that are working under that all of the news are only allegations, and that none of it is true to keep the morale high in the workplace. What might Walmart’s managers here in the Unites States and in foreign subsidiaries have done differently? I think that the most important things that they would done differently would be doing things the correct way.

This would be legally acquiring the zoning plots to be able to build new Walmart grocery stores in areas that they have not yet tapped for money. This would also entail no illegally bribing an official to get a zoning plot that they normally would not be able to acquire so easily. Morality needs to be on higher level than what is shown in the example. Walmart is not the only company to be linked to bribery. Find at least three other examples and described those. Ralph Lauren Corporation is also linked to bribery. Ralph Lauren was charged with making illegal payments and giving gifts to government officials.

They performed an internal audit and found illegal payments and gifts to government officials. They then reported themselves to the SEC, and paid $1. 6 billion to settle with them to not be prosecuted. http://dealbook. nytimes. com/2013/04/22/ralph-lauren-pays-1-6-million-to-resolve-bribery-case/GlaxoSmithKline is a medicine company that allegedly was padding the wallets of doctors and flying them around the world at no cost to them. They did this to increase the sales of their medicines, and increase profits. Allegedly $490 million was pulled from company accounts to make these bribes.

Kellogg Brown and Root is a subsidiary of Halliburton. They were charged with “paying hundreds of millions of dollars to secure a natural gas plant construction contract to Nigerian officials. ” They ended up paying $402 million to settle their fines and charges.

HYPERLINK “http://www. investopedia. com/financial-edge/0512/the-biggest-bribe-cases-in-business-history. aspx” http://www. investopedia. com/financial-edge/0512/the-biggest-bribe-cases-in-business-history. aspx

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