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Leadership Styles Argumentative

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A leader is someone who guides and motivates people, which encourage team members to work toward a main goal of achieving the objectives of the group or organization. According to Corderman (2006), “Leadership seems to be the marshaling of skills possessed by a majority and used by a minority, but it is something that can be learned by everyone, taught to everyone, and denied to no one. ” At the simplest level, a leader is someone who leads others but what makes a person an excellent leader?

A leader should be able to assess the requirements of the team members and adopt a style that benefits the entire team or organization. A person who seems to have excellent leadership skills and is an admired leader is Jil Greene. She is the director of human resources at Caesar’s Entertainment in New Orleans, La. Jil showed leadership styles of a participative leader. Jil is not only a leader with a vision; she has the drive and commitment to achieve the organizations vision and the skills to make it happen.

She would see a problem within the human resources department that needed a few improvements or a goal that needed to be achieved and that would be the focus of her attention until the problem was solved. She would handle every situation in the department so effortlessly and with determination. Whether the goal for the department was to keep the recruiting numbers at thousand and three hundred employees, develop a method to make employees want to work for the organization, or even if it were to find ways to motivate existing employees, Jil always had a clear target in mind.

Another, leadership characteristic that was admired by Jil was that she had the drive to see her plans and goals through. She took every necessary step to achieve her vision with her amazing strength of leading such a large organization. Despite, the obstacles of searching for potential employees who were not qualified for the job and positions that needed to be filled, and holding job fairs that became very costly, she persevered, and moved forward with her vision. Jil displayed many traits of an excellent leader. One trait of her leadership style was that she always remained positive.

During my time of working with Jil she would hold several employee rally’s where she would uplift and reward employees for just being great at doing their job or even if they needed a little motivation if they were feeling as if things at work was not going to well. She was also a people’s person. If an employee or manager had an issue or problem she would always let people know her door was always open if someone needed to talk to her about work or even if someone wanted to have a small chat about what is going on in that person’s personal life.

Jil displayed another important leadership style that was admired and that was effective communication. Of all the qualities of leadership but this is the one that counts the most. It is a matter of simple logic: unless you can explain and inspire, you cannot lead. Pointing and grunting won’t get the job done (Gearino, 1999). Jil was very clear and direct on how she wanted task and assignments to be completed within the organization. She also displayed excellent planning skills.

She used a high-level plan to keep moving everyone in the human resources department as well as the organization toward the same goal, which was to hire more employees. She came up with a strategy to use managers from the department that was requesting more employees to designate the job fairs and hiring process so that way the human resources department would not be overwhelmed, which was beneficial because managers in the various departments knew exactly, which potential employees would work best for their department. This helped the human resources department from trying to find the best candidate or the job.

Participative also known as democratic leadership style describes me as well as Jil because we both value the input of team members but ultimately would want to make the final decision-making. According to Gearino (1999), a leader is a committee of one. Groups of people do not lead. A group can advise, recommend, suggest, ponder, debate, or mull. It can air concerns and articulate points of view. It can represent a cross-section of society or a constituency. However, the one thing a group cannot do is lead. Only an individual can do that.

Encouraging employee morals and ideas would be a huge part of my leadership style because that would make employees believe that making a contribution to the organization is important. Whether or not a person decided to lead a passion-filled life or have a positive influence on someone’s life, the ways to improve someone’s effectiveness as a leader would be to have a clear vision as Jil had with motivating her employees or staff and knowing how to use strengths of being a team player, taking actions up to standard with my morals and values will help me to succeed.

Set specific goals with timelines, maintain a positive attitude with employees and continue to educate as well as improve myself through learning from my weaknesses and failures as a leader. Conclusion Leadership is the ability to influence other people to follow. It is the ability to have social influence over others that gives power to a leader. Different types of leadership styles exist in work environments. There are advantages and disadvantages that exist within each leadership style.

The culture and goals of an organization determine which leadership style fits the organization or company best. Some organizations offer several leadership styles within the organization, dependent upon the necessary tasks to complete and departmental needs. Leaders dream big. They refuse to let anyone get in their way of achieving their goals. They are realistic, but determined. They are polite, but positive people. Anyone can be a leader, when it matters to that person the most.

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