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Knowledge Attitude Skill Assessment Report

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Communication Skills

Excellent! You have great communication skills. All your communication is effective. You understand the importance of cross-cultural differences. Your written skills are highly commendable. You are able to write in an effective manner using apt language. However, do remember that without understanding the non-verbal aspects all communication is incomplete. You do understand most aspects of communication.

Verbal Reasoning
You have a long way to go in imroving your verbal reasoning skills. Verbal reasoning tests your ability to understand concepts. You must try and read up more about it. You also need to devote time and effort to solving these problems.

Logical Reasoning
Your logical reasoning skills are quite good however there is a lot of scope for improvement. In our daily lives too, when we are faced with problems or just a situation which require a decision, we are often reminded to apply logic and reasoning for the most desired results. Most screening for jobs today is also done through these tests.

Presentation Skills
Your presentation skills are remarkable. However, you try to understand the requirements of your audience. Your presentations are well structured and well designed and a little more confidence in your abilities will take you a long way. You need to work on aspects of connecting with the audience.

Social Interpersonal Skills
Your social interpersonal skills are quite good. However, your body language is positive and you are conscious of your actions. You are always lively and fun to be with. Instead of getting into an argument with some one you prefer to sort things out calmly on most occasions. You maintain calm in most situations and you need to work on being more approachable. You must try to share a good rapport with everyone. You must try to care for the feelings of others.

Leadership Skills
You are doing well as a leader with a little more effort you can scale newer heights. However, your team looks up to you. You are great at decision making. Most of your decisions are in favour of your team. You are good at managing teams. You need to work on

providing apt guidance to your team. Most of the time you tend to get tasks done effectively.

Stress Tolerance
You are good at handling stress. However, you take criticism in your stride. You have the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them. You are able to mostly take rational decisions. You generally like to take your time and do things properly. You are able to remain quite unaffected by other people’s behaviour and make a time schedule and stick to it. By being a little more relaxed you will see a marked difference in the quality of your life. You need to make more efforts to handle disappointments better.

Planning & Being Organised
You are quite good at planning and organising. However, you prioritize your work. You are good at multitasking. You do not procrastinate your work. You appreciate new approaches to solving problems. You mostly take your time to think things through. You manage your time quite well. You set your goals and try to achieve them. You mostly draw out plans before beginning work. You try to be perseverant.

You are a reliable person. However, you are punctual. You would never take something that’s not yours and you make efforts to meet your deadlines. You are well-mannered and well behaved.

You are extremely flexible as a person. A delight to have in a team!. You are open and welcome others into your group of friends. You are very good at handling change. You are a very quick learner. You are a confident person. You are always up for challenges. You respect the opinions of others. However, you try to take criticism in your stride. You are good with people. You do go out of your way for your friends and family.

You need to be a little more ambitious to grow in life. However, you rarely get affected by failure. You are somewhat confident of your abilities. You need to be more hardworking and industrious. Your work does not hold much importance for you. You need to imrove a lot at

documenting and presenting. Your family takes precedence over your work. You don’t really live by your dreams.

You are a quite a motivated person. However, you make time for hobbies. You are constantly honing your skills. You take initiative and you are focused. You take pride in what you do. You surround yourself with positive people.

Language Skills

You need to work very hard and improve your vocabulary. You need to make conscious and continuous efforts to improve your vocabulary. It would also become difficult for you to comprehend what others are saying. An individual with a poor vocabulary is unable to express oneself properly. You will soon begin to notice a difference. Whenever you come across a new word try to look up its meaning and start using it in your conversations.

Your grammar is excellent!. However, you have a flair for the English language. This is commendable. You must keep up the good work. Most of your spoken and written English is error free. You have taken efforts to ensure that you imbibe all the rules of the language.

Your spelling is quite good. However, error free writing makes a good impression. Barring a few instances you manage to get your spelling right. You can put in some more effort to make up for what is lacking.

You need to improve your listening. However, unless you hone your listening skills you will be unable to appreciate proper communication. Listening is the biggest parameter of communication. The key is to focus on content rather than delivery. You must learn to avoid distractions.

Your are quite good at reading. However, reading skills are an essential aspect of communication. There are times when you are able to retain a lot of what you read. You do make an effort to read and understand what is written. Keep reading and getting better at it.

Domain Skills

Basic IT Skills

Your Basic computer skills are commendable. You can further explore various security aspects of the internet, various network settings and basic levels of troubleshooting.

MS – Office
Your MS Office skills are commendable. Your MS Office skills are great. You can take it to the next level by exploring some amazing features including use of styles, templates, etc. This knowledge will help a lot in your professional life.

Your Hardware and Networking Skills are quite good. You can explore hardware and networking related concepts in detail which will help you in your career.

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