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Killing is always wrong

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“Killing is always wrong”

This statement can be seen as very controversial as many people could believe that certain aspects of killing can be justified, however there’s a vast majority of the population who would not believe that killing is acceptable in anyway because it is against the law. Killing is also frowned upon by society as at an early stage of primary socialisation children are taught to deal with anger or pain in a nonviolent manner.

In a typical movie scene and even in reality we would have encounters where killers are sentenced to death for their crime so, we are always aware that killing is never taken as a morally justifiable act. Some Christians would say that killing is always wrong as it breaks one of the Ten Commandments “thou shall not kill” and this would be a sin and seen as immoral. In genesis where God created the family he commanded to Adam and eve to be “fruitful and multiply” suggesting that life is sacred and one’s life should never be taken for any reason as god is imposing that we should keep reproducing not killing. Roman Catholics would also agree that killing is always wrong as life is given to us by God and only god can take it away so killing someone would be committing blasphemy as the killer would be trying to act as God in the same way as Muslims believe that trying to act like God is shirk (a terrible sin). To support the argument, in the bible Job says “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” meaning that only God can create or destroy life no matter what consequences there are. Muslims also believe in the sanctity of life so it would be immoral to kill someone when their life is holy and belongs to God, murder is also forbidden in the Quran so killing someone would be breaking one of the laws from the Quran and this is seen as a sin.

On the other hand, some may disagree with this statement and believe that maybe killing is the right thing to do but in certain scenarios can be justified for example euthanasia. This can be seen as killing a more merciful killing, this could be used to justify that killing is acceptable in some cases as if the patient is brain dead and miserable they can be seen as no longer alive meaning that ending their life could potentially put them out of being miserable. In the same way as Roman Catholics see switching off a life support or if the treatment is causing a patient distress and it is unlikely to cure them then it is more justifiable. It could also be argued that if you were to kill someone in defence over your family then you are doing it for the greater of good. War for example is killing over people but yet that is not frowned upon instead it is known as selfless and brave, so then it could be argued that if the killing is done out of defensive so that the killer doesn’t kill more people then it could be seen as acceptable as it helps protect others and keep other families safe like war. It is also believed by some Christians that God is omnibenevolent so no matter what God is all loving so who’s to say it’s wrong if God is all loving.

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