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Hinduism Essays

Hinduism Case Study

Here are four areas you’ll need to cover. 1. Describe the origin and history of Hinduism. What cultural traditions contributed to it? How has it been handed down over time? What are some of the basic teachings and the philosophy behind them? How did the caste system work as a …

Hinduism and Monk Swami Vivekananda

In this world of over seven billion souls, sometimes we feel the absence of one man and then suddenly we find that he is there in all men. That is our Indian famous monk Swami Vivekananda. He is regarded as the patriot saint of modern India. He was the greatest …

Meaning of Hindu Caste System

I wоuld likе tо stаrt bу sауing thаt thе wоrd саstе соmеs frоm thе Pоrtuguеsе ‘саstа’ thаt mеаns а brеаd, linеаgе оr rасе, уеt mоst оftеn Саstе rеlаtеs tо thе Hindu sосiаl divisiоn. Оnе shоuld rеmеmbеr thаt thе аnthrоpоlоgists dо usе thе tеrm mоrе gеnеrаllу tо dеfinе thе rеligiоus strаtifiсаtiоn …

Ramahari Play on the Indian Epic, Ramayana

It was just last year when I first watched the Ramahari play and I consider it to be quite unique and pleasing to watch because it is based on an Indian epic called Ramayana, a story of courage, magic and humor. Ramayana consists of 18 books and 24,000 verses divided …

Origins of Hinduism

Hinduism is generally regarded as the world’s oldest organized religion. According to historians, the origin of Hinduism dates back to 5,000 BCE or more years. The word “Hindu” is derived from the name of the Indus River, which flows through northwestern India, (Origin of Hindu, 2008). In ancient times the …

Holocaust Narrative

Hinduism is a religion that began in India thousands of years ago. It is the oldest, most complex and world’s third largest religion. The term Hindu derived from Sanskrit name for Indus river. It meant that those who lived on one part of the Indus river. Hinduism is a mixture …

Ramayana and Lord Rama

Vijayadashami (Bengali: বিজয়াদশমী, Kannada: ವಿಜಯದಶಮಿ, Malayalam: വിജയദശമി, Marathi: विजयादशमी, Nepali: विजया दशमी, Oriya: ବିଜୟାଦଶମୀ, Tamil: விஜயதசமி, Telugu: విజయదశమి, Konkani: दसरो, Punjabi: ਦਸੇਰਾ) also known as Dashahara, Dussehra, Dashain (in Nepal), Navratri or Durgotsav is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated in various forms, across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. …

Saraswati: Hindu Goddess

Understanding a different religion is a difficult task when it is so broad and intertwined. Hinduism is built upon a certain foundation of texts, beliefs and stories as is any other religion. However, Hinduism is a confusing journey of uncountable gods, interlaced stories and incarnations of other beings when a …

Confucianism in China and Hinduism in India

Confucianism and Hinduism are two religions that shared many similarities. Such similarities are the idea that both were used as an outline for the way one should live his/her life, they were used to teach strength in one’s relationships, they both enforced political/governmental order, and each taught key concepts/values that …

Goddess Kali Paper

Kali the Dark Mother Hindu Goddess One of the popular female goddess I researched was Kali. Kali is a goddess that plays a mother roll and also a warrior. She’s a ferocious mother that is sent to free gods from demonic forces. She has four arms, Their is a sword …

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