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Ken Case Study

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In this case ‘s we will going to discuss the problems that ken is facing , after we discuss the problems we will giving some solution or suggestion for him , if our suggestion can help ken to solve the problem that he is facing ,it would help him to having a happy college life.

Ken is having a few problems which is ” Self Esteem in Arrogant “, “Wrong Concept of value in the friendship” and “High Physical Stress” .

Problem 1: Self Esteem in Arrogant
There are two aspects to make Ken become Self Esteem in Arrogant one is academic performance and other one is family, first Ken is an honor student when he is study in the high school , he also participated in a lot of competition , his teachers always praise Ken because of his study attitude and hardworking and when Ken study in the College he thinks the college work is easy . In the family Ken is the only child and his parents love him so much and give a lot of support ,give Ken everything that he want. According to Erikson’s(1963)8 psychosocial stages the age in the 12-19 is development of personal identity , so when Ken feeling good from himself of good at study and the teachers was praised him also his parents love him so much it make Ken feel his is different from others and keep a distance the friends which from his high school, it’s make him become Self Esteem in Arrogant.

Ken should try to be modest person, the other one will easy accept you in the social circle ,for his studying being modes can make him to learn more easily ,because if someone who think every works is easy he will not attended on it ,and he will missing a good opportunities for learn. Learn how to appreciate others is very important there haven’t perfect in the world , everyone most have disadvantage so try to focus on the well side , develop a good personal identity (Erikson’s1963).

Problem 2: Wrong Concept of value in the friendship
Ken having a wrong concept of value in the friendship , he think there are no reason to make some friends who have a bad academic result or low study level , so he choose to leave his high school friends away and being alone. It is showing that why Ken will feeling alone. In reality, making friends could flavor your life and widen our horizons (Badhwar, N. K., 1993).Ken try to keep away from his schoolmate, because he thinks get in to University is the most important things that he have to do , the other things like making friends is no value of him , he want to achieve the goal by himself.

To tackle the problem , Ken shouldn’t keep him away anymore ,he can makes some new friends in the College , try to be more outgoing and participate more in group activities, build trust with the new friends. Build up a positive relationships with the schoolmate in the College it will make Ken to discover the correct concept of value in the friendship. Being a good listener in the friend zone ,he can know more about his friends and he can learn so much thing from his friends.

Problem 3 :High Physical Stress
Because Ken want to study in the University but he already fail in the DSE and let his parents to feeling disappointed ,so Ken become work hard and does everything that he can does to try all the ways to get into university as soon as possible and don’t let his parents feel disappoint again. In this situation A-B-C theory(Ellis,1984) A-get into University as soon as possible, B- study hard and hard , C- feeling a lot of stress and alone. Solution3

Although Ken have to study hard to have a good marks in the college ,he still have try to make him having some rest time , he can go out to do some aerobic exercise it’s except to take a rest ,it’s also can make ken being healthy and have a good health to ready for the exam. If ken is feeling very stressful , he should find the lecturer or social workers to tell them his situation, and how much stress that his feeling now.

This case seem to look like very common and it’s will always happen in the teenager, although it is are common problems, it’s still having many deeply possible reason on it. So we can’t contempt the teenager common problems, after studying this subject lesson we can easy to identify more teenager common problems happen in our daily life, and we must try our best to solve the problems . (Words count:801)

Badhwar, N. K. (1993). Friendship: A Philosophical Reader. Cornell University Press. Ellis,A. (1984).The essence of RET. Journal of Rational-Emotive Therapy,2,19-25. Erikson,E.(1963). Childhood and society. NY: Norton.

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