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Katol Out of Lanzones Peelings

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1.Make sure the lanzones peelings were sun dried for a few days.
2.When fully dried, pulverize using a mortar and pestle.
3.Mix an equal amount of starch and pulverized lanzones peelings.
4.Add water to make a paste-like consistency. Mix thoroughly.
5.Now, get the commercial mosquito coil and with the foil, make a mold.
6.Pour the mixed starch and lanzones into the mold and let the mixture dry. You now have a mosquito coil.

The fruit peel of Lansium domesticum, var. pubescens ( thicker than that one of the sweeter var. domesticum ) exudes a white sap/latex containing mosquito repelling triterpenes ( lansionic acid p.e. ). The dried peel is burned and produces an aromatic, white smoke ( white from the sap and some remaining water ).

According to report, it contain approximately six percent lansium acid, a toxic substance applied on arrow tip. Lasium acid can also be found in bark and can kill frogs by stopping heart beat. However, there are no reports about its affect to humans. And due to the toxic it can drive the mosquitoes aways, but you need to dry the lanzones peelings for a few days, cause the peeling will burn slowly to make it a mosquito repelant.

Background of the Study
Mosquitoes have been the problem of many people for a long time. Therefore, it is important that everyone would take precautionary countermeasures in order to prepare for the rainy season, which is usually the time when insects appear more frequently. And an example of a mosquito repellant is the mosquito coil or more informally known as “katol.” Our group has found out that mosquito coils can be made at home using lanzones peels as repelling agent. But to determine the effectivity of homemade katol, we have proposed to test it out against its commercial counterparts. We will compare if whether or not it is efficient in household usage. By doing this, we will also be able to determine the positive effects of recycling and the safeness of said product.

Statement of the Problem
The study seeks to answer this main problem:
How effective is a homemade mosquito coil as an insect repellent when compared to commercial-branded katol? The study seeks to answer the following specific problems: Can lanzones peels be used to make homemade mosquito coils?

Will the coils be effective as mosquito repellants?
Will it be safe to use?
Is it better than commercial repellents?

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