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How does the journalist use language to express her ideas about Miss World

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This middle market tabloid article is produced to present an opinionated and polemic point of view of the renowned Miss World Competition. Vanessa Feltz produces a written mode text which expresses the thoughts and feeling in regards to the competition. It aims to capture the attention from the readership of the daily express and audiences interested in the controversy highlighted by the public in response to this type of appearance based competitions. Secondly it actively encourages the target audience to embrace the view point shared by the journalist.

Feltz directly and indiscreetly shares her pejorative opinion towards ‘Miss World’ through a rich journalistic register and a socially intimate tenor which brings a degree of entertainment towards the piece of writing. The declarative title of the piece demonstrates efficiently what Feltz’s opinion of the Miss World competition is that she will share with the readership. The use of the noun Dinosaur as a metaphor is key in initially understanding her ideology surrounding the topic.

It suggests that the competition in question, like dinosaurs, can be seen as a significant landmark in historical importance yet holds no place in the modern developing world. This is followed by the modal verb ‘should’ which reinstates and conveys how strongly viewed the statement is amongst the writer. It also unveils a certain degree of Vanessa’s ironic humor. The word dinosaur is used to describe the women who compete in Miss World. Feltz describes these women as ‘firm breasted beauties’ and shares a considerable association with ‘Barbie Doll’ connotations.

In terms of society, these are viewed as stereotypically attractive females. The ironic comparison of women to the monstrous dinosaur which direct definition means “terrible lizard” suggests Feltz’s contradictory opinion of the women taking part in the competition. Dinosaur similarities continue as the journalist states her desires for the future of the Miss World Competition. Just like the extinct animals, Feltz uses the euphemism ‘put to sleep’ to describe her hunger for the contest to be terminated.

The polysyllabic lexis is usually only used to politely explain the anticipated and inevitable death of animals so this is again another deliberate attempt by the journalist to compare the competition to animalistic nature. Vanessa Feltz uses features of direct address to clinch her polemic, for example in the opening stages of the article, she immediately uses the 2nd person pronoun- “you”. By using this, it solidifies the readerships assumed point of view at a very early stage in the piece (line 5) and immediately draws the reader in.

This is then accompanied and contrasted by the journalist’s use of the 1st person subjective – “I’m tempted. ” This closes the gap in socially intimate tenor by provoking emotions amongst the intended audience. Feltz also attempts to bridge this space by involving personal views on why she doesn’t support the competition and what the “resounding message to our kids” is. The use of the pronoun “Our” is an additional interactive feature to connect to the audience on a personal and socially intimate basis. She informs the reader about the how the role of being a mother has influenced her.

She describes that she “’can’t quite manage to laugh it off” being a “mother of two daughters. ” This shrewdly directs a personal vendetta at any readers that are mothers and still don’t agree with Vanessa Feltz’s views. Involving this personal attitude and creating the illusion of syndetic personalisation may also influence the reader at a fairly early part in the polemic to psychologically reconsider what they support and should the role of a mother like Feltz change their opinion. It is a very effective rhetorical feature.

This linguistic style of using both 2nd and 1st person characteristics also helps bring an informal and conversationalist feel to the argument. It could be described as a debate with an inevitable ending that she is right and you are wrong, as the reader is not actually able to voice their own opinion. The informal ambiance and choice of colloquial lexis helps the reader to also unveil the humorous side to Feltz words and the sardonic tones which is prevalent in almost every line. The vocabulary she chooses to determine her journalistic register describe how society portrays these women is almost humorous in their own right.

An example of this would be how the phonetic stresses are placed on the nouns “protruding”,” pendulous “or “pernicious”. It would seem that it is impossible to not exercise mocking and share hyperbolizing tones upon each syllable of the words. Another example of this would be the use of the taboo “shaking their booty” This is usually done with a comical approach to try to copy celebrities dance moves more specific examples include Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, these moves would commonly feature in music videos or during a stage production.

By using this comment Feltz is almost comparing the competition to mocking a more professional and respected industries like music. The Miss World competition is simply categorized as amateur and less respected in comparison. This sly rhetorical feature that she uses additionally helps to self-convince the reader that her argument is valid. The aim of hyperbole is to not only ensure a comedic effect but to convince the reader that the tenor is informal enough to not make them feel alienated.

The entertaining factor certainly plays a huge part in the audience really embracing and understanding what the writer supports and why they should support it too. I think this subjective point of view on the Miss World competition written by Vanessa Feltz is very effective for many reasons. Firstly, it attracts the reader’s attention with the interesting metaphor of dinosaur, encouraging the number of people likely to continue reading the article.

Secondly it’s done with a comedic and humorous style, making the reader feel socially connected and able to efficiently understand where and why Feltz stands by her argument. Finally, it’s memorable so that whilst maybe views are circulated to whether the reader actually agrees with Feltz or the reader is just able to understand why she supports those ideas, elements of the article are certainly remembered by their polysyllabic rhythm or sarcastic interpretations.

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