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Jamaica Kincaid “First Seeing England”

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“On Seeing England for the First Time” In the essay, it’s about England and she describes how she lived in her colony. She describes her viewpoint on England by giving her childhood perspective of how she lives in the Caribbean Island and give details and facts about nature and how she lived in colonies in England. Jamaica’s island of Antigua had been where she grew up with a great vision of England, placed upon her by the people of her island. She uses connotations, to show what lead her to feel the way that she does about the British Commonwealth. She uses an intensive language to allow the reader to see her anger towards the treatment of the colonies.She writes in a formal tone for an audience of people who are unknowing to what happened to other nations .

Her purpose in writing this is to give a first hand look into the treatment English colonies received and to show readers the importance of understanding things as there are compared to your vision of it. A Modest Proposal “A Modest Proposal”, by Jonathan Swift is about preventing children of poor people from being parents, because he can afford to take care of them. It talks about how poor children are living in bad situations because there families are too poor to keep them des and clothed.The author argues , by giving good reasoning like economic situations. In this article, the proposal he gives is that poor children should be feed by Ireland’s rich people. He was basically saying that children can be sold and made in to food. He suggests recipes to cook the children.

He says that selling, and cooking children will have a positive effect on society. He believes that this project will solve many issues especially economic ones. Overall, the author uses a very dark tone and scared me with everything he was saying. For example, cooking and eating human is a pass for me. “The Destruction of Culture” “The Destruction of Culture,” is a essay by Chris Hedges that believes that people in the is world are being taught about war in the wrong way .Chris talks about how the wars are destroying lives in society. Hedges supports his argument by saying that wars are destroying the cultures of countries especially the ones that are contributing to the wars.The purpose is to show and convince us that wars are really bad for our human race in order for us to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the wars.

The author uses a tone to make readers feel terrible about what’s going on. He uses ethos to incorporate several anecdotes to display his knowledge and evidence. He also uses logos to provide concrete for several facts. National Prejudices In the article National Prejudice by Oliver Goldsmith, he’s often watched people when he visited public places, and sometimes they invited him to take part in their conversations. He described the different people of Europe, he argued that the Dutch were greedy, the French were self-serving flatterer and so on. However, he wanted everyone to agree with his commentary of the characters of these European countries. Goldsmith then gives up his argument to ponder why people must run down other countries in order to love their own.

The author makes an argument and says that only uneducated people harbored these prejudices. The Qualities of the Prince In the article The Qualities of the prince by Niccolo Machiavelli isn’t elected he just comes from family that he becomes prince. If you weren’t born with you couldn’t have it.This story was like the caste system, because everyone was seperated by there sociality. Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid “Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid”, an essay written by Virginia Woolf is about the beginning of the second World War. It takes place in 1941 when it had begun to wreck in England in a series of German air raids. Woolf writes that the war is freedom, whether it be for or against it in some way, but through her writing she talks about feminism, and politics. She touches on so many topics that are so much deeper and lie close to her heart. In this essay she uses pathos by using imagery to create a unified and good case for her position.

On the Duty Of Civil Disobedience Henry David Thoreau in the essay , “On the Duty Of Civil Disobedience,” they argue about how the government is unuseful.Thoreau writes about his own experiences and explains why he refuses to do certain things like refuses to pay taxes in protest. Thoreau’s failure of paying for taxes is ignored by the U.S government, but then when they find out he’s thrown in jail, but still refuses to pay. Thoreau’s supports his argument of not paying, because he’s protesting against slavery and the Mexican War. When Thoreau’s is thrown in jail the next day someone anonymously pays for his fine and taxes.Thoreau argues that each human being should declare independence from laws that are unjustible like slavery, no matter how legal it was in 1865 it was a violation an shouldn’t have been a law. He does advocate nonviolent resistance toward the end.

The author writes in a formal tone for all individuals to understand the unrightful laws that happened back then. Shooting an Elephant George Orwell in the essay the “Shooting Elephant” talks about his experiences of shooting an elephant in Burma. When the essay is being narrated it seems that the shooter had serious doubt about shooting but it’s too late. The killer is a policeman in Burma who is disrespected by the people of the town.The only reason he shoots it’s so he doesn’t seem weak. Orwell’s responds to a report from a town person that was killed by the elephant that’s his reasoning of killed an elephant. After, so many shots the elephant still doesn’t die. The reasoning for killing the elephant is so he isn’t humiliated in front from the towns people.Like the people from Burma, the elephant has become a victim of imperialism, because no one stays strong from this experience that happened to them.

The author’s purpose is to capture an unforgettable experience of going against humanity at the cost of part of your humanity. The author writes in a formal tone for a an audience that is affected my humanity issues. Is Google Making Us Stupid? Nicholas Carr in the article “ Is Google making us Stupid?” claims that Google is making us stupid, because the internet effects by taking all of our attention span.Carr supports his reasoning by saying that new technologies have been introduced that catches our eyes and we pay more attention to the new technologies then to other important stuff.For example instead of taking the time of reading something we google it. The author’s purpose is to show us and convince us that we spend so much time on the internet and googling things.

I agree with some things Carr says for example we use devices and technology as our form of connections instead of using connections.For example, some people use summaries on google instead of them reading there book, they are becoming dumb, because they aren’t using hre knowledge.Carr says we can concentrate for long period on reading something, because of google we do less reading which means less knowledge Carr writes in a formal tone, because he believes that he can help is over com this huge problem that our personal choice. The Bird and the Machine Loren Eiseley in the essay “The Bird and the Machine,” argues and compares birds and machines and he wonders if there the same. He wonders if there the same and tries to compare them, because one day he was reading a newspaper and it was about how machines one day build themselves, because of the advanced technology.

Out of nowhere he remembers an interaction he had with a bird, so then he starts comparing them. Eiseley supports it’s comparison by saying that machines don’t have the characteristics like birds. For example, he mentions when he freed a hawk and hearing him being happy when being freed.The author uses logos, because in the essay he provides examples of technological advancements. For example, he talks about the atomic bomb and the discovery of the first cell. The author writes in a formal tone for people to understand how the machines are very different in compare to birds and wouldn’t replace us. The Future of Happiness Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the essay “ The Future of Happiness” argues and makes interesting observations based on research.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi does many observation to come with ideas about people that are happiest are the people that often have lack of being happy.  She suggest that many people aren’t happy for many and makes many observations by assuming that certain goals makes us happy. The Blank State Steven Pinker in the essay, The Blank State talks argues about how the mind works and how you think.The author introduces his idea of the language instinct and how humans have set characteristics of their brain to learn the logic of language. He gives evidence to readers about how humans our not entirely formed by the environment they are in. He believes that the human brain is affected by adaptations. The author writes in an open tone to convey his ideas.

Silence and the Notation of the Commons Ursula Franklin in the essay, Silence and the Notation of the Commons describes the importance of silence.The author explains that we now are used to hear so much noise that we can be quiet and hear quiet.She also argues that the sound we hear are manipulating us to think other things. Into the Electronic Millennium Sven Birkerts in the essay, “Into the Electronic Millennium” talks about the changes in our generation. Also, she talks about back then they had to write and now we get to type because of the changes in the generation. His purpose is to tell readers how we used to be engaged on what we our learning, but now no longer think, because we spend much of our time online.

The author uses a serious tone because this is a serious matter that it’s affecting us. As I am currently typing this as we just had a benchmark essay on a similar topic about communication and how things have completely changed. Sonnet to Science Edgar Allan Poe in the poem, “Sonnet -to Science” seems to have a rhyme scheme that sort of sounds like Shakespeare. The poem seems to address object that then is viewed like romantic type of way. Edgar Allan Poe’s message is to asks a question in why a poet is related to science. The author then explains that science is the truth and it will not allow a poet to be creative and go into their own world.He writes in a worried tone because he is concerned poets will not longer be able to imagine and have a fantasy world.

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